The Sobering Facts About Moms Who Drive Drunk

How you can protect your kids' lives
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The Sobering Facts About Moms Who Drive Drunk

How you can protect your kids’ lives

-Carol Kramer

car crash as a result of drunk driving

In Chicago last July, a 24-year-old mother traveling with two small children crossed a median strip on the tollway and ran into another car. She and her 16-month-old son died instantly. Police found an opened bottle of alcohol in the car.

A few weeks later, a New York woman traveling with two of her own children and three nieces drove on the wrong side of the highway, crashing into a car with three men. The men died; only one child, the 5-year-old son of the driver, survived. An autopsy found that the woman had been drinking vodka and smoking pot.

In October, another New York mother under the influence of alcohol lost control of her car while driving children to a sleepover at her house. An 11-year-old girl was killed instantly. The children had been begging the driver to slow down.

What’s happening? Are there a lot more mothers driving drunk today?

Government statistics say yes. The U.S. Department of Transportation released a study in August revealing that the percentage of female drunk drivers had increased nearly 30 per cent in the last ten years. And the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration said that over 2,000 fatalities a year involve impaired female driving.

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0 thoughts on “The Sobering Facts About Moms Who Drive Drunk

  1. This is absolutely incredible. How dare anyone, mother, father, male, or female, put a child at risk by driving drunk or even buzzed with a child? I agree it is child abuse also and if someone is caught once, they should not be allowed to drive until they have gone thru alcohol treatment. Sad that anyone can drive under the influence but with a child in the car just is irresponsibility at it’s worst.

  2. This is a terrible incident and for any parent to put their child under such a circumstance should be penalized. I came across a program that is in New Jersey called “Get Home Safe”.

    An auto insurance company by the name of High Point Insurance will reimburse you if you’re a policyholder for a cab fare, if you call for a safe ride home rather than risk driving home under a dangerous circumstances.

    I think that there should be programs such as this everywhere in order to reduce the risk of driving under dangerous circumstances.

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