The Truth About Lindsay Lohan's Love Quadrangle

BettyConfidential sets the record straight about the troubled starlet's tangled love life.
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The Truth About Lindsay Lohan’s Love Quadrangle

BettyConfidential sets the record straight about the troubled starlet’s tangled love life.

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Lindsay Lohan

Another day, another rumor about Lindsay Lohan’s love life, but I’m here to separate the fact from the fiction. Hollywood insiders tell me that the starlet is definitely not back together with Samantha Ronson, nor is she having an affair with Jessica Alba’s hubby, Cash Warren. And Jason Segel could be the new man in her work life, at least.

While the New York Daily News had reported that John Mayer had been playing matchmaker between Lindsay and her former galpal, an insider tells BettyConfidential, “Lindsay and Sam are working hard at staying good friends. Lindsay can’t imagine her life without Sam as a confidante and person who believes in her. They met up on purpose last week at Butter nightclub. Lindsay knew Sam would be DJing a short set at the club and since she was still hanging around the city after Thanksgiving, she made a plan to see her. John Mayer was there and the three of them hung out together. It was very friendly — a nice night for them to hang out and just have fun.”

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  1. Sam is a hangeron and ugly to boot!She is nothing without stars like Lindsey.John Mayer should stay away ,he uses woman and dumps them.,likes to hurt and demean them.Loves only himself.Lindsey was raised listening to other persons tell what to do and direct her ,making approx 2 movies a year ,no proper schooling,just working to support the whole family!She canremember lines and pretend well.Now she has to learn to live well in the real world and stop doing shat people tell her to do.Do what she wants to do.She did not have a Spielberg in her life like Drew Barrymore did,all she had was parasites working her to death.She has to realize who her real friends are!

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