The Ultimate Valentine's Day Flower-Buying Guide

Expert tips to help your guy get it right this year.
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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Flower-Buying Guide

Expert tips to help your guy get it right this year.

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How to Pick the Best Valentine's Day Bouquet

When it comes to flowers, women know what they want — especially on Valentine’s Day — big, bright and beautiful. But when faced with a wall of blooms, the men in our lives aren’t always so sure what to buy. With so many choices out there, who can blame them for botching a bouquet? Ladies, if you want your man to get it right this holiday, here’s a handy checklist of six bouquet-buying tips from experts Eileen Johnson, Direct of Flower School New York, and Michael Gaffney, an instructor at the New York School of Flower Design.

1. Big blooms are key.
The ruling is in: The bigger the bloom, the better — in terms of both the flower’s head and the size of the bouquet. For some women, “If it fits in the door, it’s not big enough,” says Johnson. Gaffney agrees. “For most recipients, big flowers mean big love,” he says. “Especially on Valentine’s Day, guys should shoot for big showy bouquets that will do the talking for them.”

2. Trust tradition (and your instincts).
According to Gaffney, “Nothing says L-O-V-E like assorted pink and red roses.” But those aren’t the only color — or flower — choices to consider. “After 20 years in retail, I’m convinced women don’t care if it’s red and white.” A mixed bouquet with a bit of red is just as nice, he says, adding that red anthuriums or orchid sprays are also sexy and interesting choices. Also give some thought to her favorite colors, which can be a good starting point. If you’re not sure what’s best, don’t hesitate to ask your florist what’s freshest and in season. 

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3. In-season rules.
Discount, off-season flowers (think daisy pompoms) don’t belong anywhere near a Valentine’s Day bouquet. “Avoid the big C [carnations] if you want to see her again,” Gaffney warns. “But a great mix by a qualified designer can combine a few expensive and not-so-expensive blooms for a big I-Love-You look.” Johnson encourages guys that always go the rose route to buy garden-fresh ones from a high-end florist, since they’ll have a much more potent scent.

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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Valentine's Day Flower-Buying Guide

  1. One of the most romantic bunches of flowers I ever received was a small bouquet of lavender. It fit in a small vase on my bedside table. Not big, not showy, but beautiful. And I woke up to the scent, which immediately made me think of the man who gave it to me.

  2. I love lilies! One year, my bf at the time researched the flowers that a celeb I adore always gets, and had the flowers shipped to me from that florist in LA… to Boston! It was such a beautiful arrangement.

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