The Skinny on Curbing Your Appetite

A top weight doc's book offers a new slant on cravings

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The Skinny on Curbing Your Appetite

A top weight doc’s book offers a new slant on cravings

-Susan Crandell

OreosBread and pasta make you hungry for more. Eat one Oreo and you want the whole box. We all know that certain foods trigger overeating for us. Now a leading obesity doctor has confirmed our hunch and developed a plan to lose weight and keep it off.

Louis Aronne‘s job as director of the Comprehensive Weight Loss Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center has convinced him that certain foods develop “fullness resistance.” By disrupting the action of hunger hormones (like grelin) and satiety hormones (like leptin), these foods make us want to eat more when we should feel full.

Aronne’s new book, The Skinny, lays out a step-by-step plan to adjust your eating and exercise to stop “fullness resistance,” your body’s biochemical reaction to certain foods that leads you to crave more. Here’s the skinny on The Skinny.

o Avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates (just say no to most packaged foods). These villain carbs cause the insulin levels in your blood to roller coaster up and down, making you think you’re hungry when your body doesn’t actually need food.

o Instead, eat foods that are high in protein, fiber and water. Most vegetables are winners, as are unrefined whole grains. Choose proteins that are low in fat (fat-free dairy, egg whites, lean meats). These foods will tell your body it’s full.

o Avoid beer or wine before dinner, which can stimulate your appetite. And don’t let the waiter bring the bread basket to the table. Eating bread before a meal can stimulate rather than reduce your appetite.

o Reconsider artificial sweeteners which, paradoxically, can cause you to eat more. Studies have shown that sweetness, even from a non-caloric source, can make you crave more sweet foods. So think twice before you reach for that diet soda.

o Eat three healthy meals (studies have shown that meal skippers often overcompensate the next time the opportunity to eat comes along).

None of this is advice we haven’t heard before, but Aronne backs it up with studies and his own 20-plus years treating patients with weight problems. His book could give you the reason to finally make the shift over to healthy foods that are rich in nutrients, not calories. It seems it’s a lesson we all need these days, with candy makers reporting big bursts in sales.

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0 thoughts on “The Skinny on Curbing Your Appetite

  1. this article is BS. You’re telling me to completely avoid certain foods. That makes cravings even more intense. The key is moderation. There is no diet that can beat portion control and moderation, with a diet high in lean proteins and fiber. Also, there have been studies that show that there is relatively little difference in weight loss between people who eat 3 well portioned meals and 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day.

    snacking is OKAY. choose a protein (such as a few cubes of cheese) and a fiber. the fiber will fill you up, and the protein will keep you full longer. and water is key!

  2. Let’s face it –thin people tend to eat when they are hungry and stop when they are not. They can eat anything–including Oreos–but they eat just one or two. People with weight problems do have triggers that set them off to eating too much of what they shouldn’t be eating. This is sensible advice. But heavy people are not sensible about eating–and that is their real problem.

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