The Age Factor

An older woman can't shake the nagging feeling that the age difference between her and her boyfriend is a problem.


Age Difference

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I am engaged to a man who is twenty years younger than me. I can tell that he is sincere when he says that the age factor isn’t an issue, but I still feel like it’s a problem. I know that he loves me and I shouldn’t worry about it. Any tips on how to shake this nagging feeling?

Steven: Well if it doesn’t bother him, definitely sounds like at the very least it bothers you. The key question is: What are each of you looking for in a relationship – both in the present and in the future? For example, is he just looking to have fun right now and YOU really want someone to build a future with and grow old with? Then this might not be the relationship for you. Either way, it seems like something is bothering you about it. My advice is to talk to him so you can make a good sound decision that works for you both, now and for your future.

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