The Anti-Choice Movement Has Got to Go

Why the anti-choice movement is absolutely insane.

In Her Words

Difficult Choices

The anti-choice movement can kiss my kiester

-Judy McGuire

Editor’s Note: The following is one Betty’s opinion. welcomes all opinions and doesn’t endorse any
particular candidate or political party.

If this video doesn’t make you vote Obama, I don’t know what will. I realize everyone’s terrified about the war and economy, but we also can’t forget about terrorism. Al Queada is one threat. Another threat: the terrorists who want to take charge of my uterus and dictate what I can do with it.

How is the anti-choice lobby any better than the countries who don’t allow women to drive? After all, people die in car accidents every day. Or the regimes who allow honor killing? Is it somehow better to let a fetus go full-term even if the mother’s health is at risk?

My uterus, my vote.

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