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Three testers on the Betty panel try out Philip Pelusi's P2 RefresHair

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The Bettys Weigh in on Philip Pelusi P2 RefresHair

Does it really refresh?

-The Bettys

P2 RefresHairHas your hair lost its natural luster? Have years of tinting & coloring left you with a mangy mane? P2 RefreshHair from Philip Pelusi will help to correct that and then some!

If zero buildup and effortless shine sound like your cup of tea, grab a bottle and defrizz, revive, and rehydrate your way to a better head of hair.

Here’s what our Betty testers thought of this salon-style, in-between cleaner:


Smells good, but I was sort of hoping this would be like a total shampoo in a bottle and it’s not. I think the key is to spritz some on JUST BEFORE you start to look a little bedraggled. It’ll definitely liven up your look and buy you some time before it’s time to wash, rinse and repeat.
*Betty-o-Meter rating: 3 stars


My hair needs washing everyday, and it’s one of my biggest dreaded chores – actually not so much the washing but the blowdrying. So if there’s anything that can save me a day of agony, I’m all up for trying it.

Recently, I tried Philip Pelusi P2 RefresHair, a dry, clean spray that promises to instantly remove build-up and hair debris sans water, and also acts as a styling product and hairspray. First of all, I love the smell – white tea and thyme. It smells fresh and clean and lasts all day long, so that’s a major bonus. And if my hair is just going up in a ponytail then it’s a great solution.

If I want to wear my hair down two days in a row, it’s not quite as effective for me as a hair powder – but you have to take into account that I have very fine, very healthy (too healthy-it needs roughing up to give it a little texture) hair that unfortunately gets oily easily. So I think it would be much better for someone with thicker, coarser hair that needs some moisture. Still I find myself reaching for it quite frequently – especially if I have somewhere to go in the morning and know I’ll be showering after a workout later in the day.
Betty-o-Meter rating: 3 for me personally, but could be much higher for someone with different hair.

Paige Herman-Axel:

Great product, just not for me.

As you know I’m a big fan of the every-other-day-or-two hair washing, but with all of my product experimentation, I’ve come to realize that there’s a big difference between dry shampoo and hair refreshers. While I can’t live without my dry shampoo (I have to check my luggage whenever I go somewhere since I can’t carry on my aerosol can), I tend to have a problem with hair refreshers because they make my hair too oily.

I was optimistic when I first tried the Philip Pelusi P2 RefresHair, and I loved how my hair looked and smelled. But by the end of the day my hair was a little on the limp side, and in need of a wash the next morning for sure. Then I checked the label and saw that the fifth ingredient was coconut oil, which explains why the spray was too much for my hair to handle. But this would be a great product for someone whose hair is on the drier side, and it’s perfect for eliminating food and smoke odors when you don’t have time to wash. Betty-o-Meter rating: 3

*Rankings are based on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning pass! and 5 meaning a must-have!

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