Career and Money Resolutions from The Bettys

Money and Career resolutions from The Bettys!

Betty’s New Year, New You Series

The Bettys’ Career and Money Resolutions

What are YOUR resolutions when it comes to work and finances?

-Megan Southwick

woman in an officeAt this time of year, everyone starts thinking about her resolutions for the next year. I get a little bit neurotic about mine and separate them by category: Work, play, money and so on. So, this year, I polled my fellow Bettys to find out what THEY were thinking about for the upcoming year in terms of work and money. Would it be to work less? More? Find a new job? Put more money into your savings? Here’s what they had to say:

Candace: My primary resolution regarding finances is to continue to look for new, cheaper ways to get the quality that I want. Examples: Fancy skin creams or Banana Republic/Anthropologie/Ann Taylor goods? eBay. Organic anything? Costco. Internet purchasing? Get a coupon through Google (almost every site has some sort of coupon that’s applicable at any given time). And this doesn’t even touch on the idea of reusing what is still in good shape: Mom-to-mom sales (basically, kids’ clothes and sundry items for a pittance), garage sales, Craigslist or (although I’m always a bit hinky about buying and selling through those two sites, because it necessitates an in-person meeting – is a bargain worth that?). Why not use something that has a lot of life left in it rather than buying something new – and perhaps of lesser quality – for more money?

Judy: To make enough money to get all my dental work done (this is not a small proposition) and to put a down payment on a house; to pay off my last credit card; to sell another book; to quit working on projects I am not 100 percent thrilled to be working on; to be more productive and less of an Internet addict; to quit selling out and start selling books; to be showered and out of my pajamas every day by 10 a.m. Starting Monday.

Joseph: To be a better Betty than I was in 2008 – this is truly a great site, and I’m so thankful to have a job in this recession. I want to be just be a better editorial assistant than I was last year. And to save save save. With graduation on the horizon, I’d like to have enough money to start looking for a place by summer 2009. OK, and to save money for taxes. Ha!

April: To really and truly get organized this year and get a handle on my personal finances. I’m so lame about keeping my checking account balanced, and it gets me into trouble. I want to set a good example for my daughter – unfortunately, some bad habits are inherited, as I know only too well!

As for me? My resolution is to find a way to stay OUT of the office, rather than in it – more freelance work equals more freedom. And to finally get serious about the book I keep talking about; watch out, writer’s block, here I come!

What about you? What are your financial and job-related resolutions?

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  1. To follow the excel spread sheet schedule I created for myself! My husband looked at it and laughed — and then said, “I give you till Wednesday noon.” Sadly, I am afraid he’s right!

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