The Early Bird Gets to Vote!

Google makes it easy to vote early


The Early Bird Gets to Vote!

Google makes early voting easy

-Megan Southwick

record voter turnoutWhether you are Democrat or Republican, Green or Independent, donkey or elephant (hey!), the fact remains that this year we’ll hold one of the most historic elections that most of us have ever experienced.

Record turnout is expected this year. No, really – it’s not like every other year where they say record turnout will occur – this year it’s already happening, thanks to early voting.

If you haven’t heard, early voting is all the rage, dahlink. And it makes sense … During the primaries, I stood in line for two hours to vote. Other people I know stood even longer, often staying after the polls had officially closed. I admire their dedication, and I would do the same on November 4th, but luckily I don’t have to!

And Google has made it even easier with their new application, launched just this week. Just enter your street address and they’ll point you directly to your early voting location, provide you a map and directions. They also provide information on absentee ballots, registration and local voter information in several helpful links. Even better, there is contact information for my voter hotline, an email address for asking questions of my local voter info group and deadlines for all ballots and voting.

So get Googling, because now you REALLY have no excuse not to vote.  (Not that you’d even dream of skipping it!)

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