The First Dog

Barack Obama tries to decide what type of dog to get for his daughters.


First Dog

Most important Obama appointment imminent

-Megan Southwick

Barack Obama and puppy posterPOTUS and FLOTUS* are finally ready to pick the F(i)DOTUS for their two girls, Malia and Sasha – but the question still remains, what kind of hound will it be?

According to ABC’s George Stephanopolous, The Obamas have narrowed it down to either a Labradoodle or a Portuguese water hound – and because Obama himself is set on a pound puppy they are starting their search now, so they can be sure to get one from a rescue, instead of from a breeder. “This has been tougher than finding a commerce secretary,” Obama joked to Stephanopoulos.

The Obamas have been promising the girls a puppy for the move into the White House, but things have been complicated by Malia’s allergies – limiting them to a not-so-loveable hairless species (ew!) or a breed that doesn’t shed, such as the poodle hybrid.

Both breeds have strong proponents – Senator Ted Kennedy has three water hounds, including a brand new puppy, while Henry Winkler (that’s right, the Fonz) is loyal to the Labradoodle.

By nature both are very happy, wiggly dogs, and are similar sizes when full grown. So which is the better choice? Ted Kennedy claims the doodles are just “Water dog wannabes” while the Fonz simply says: “the labradoodle RULES!”

Of course, the key here is that the dog comes not from a breeder but from the pound. The Obama-Adoption movement has been going strong from practically the first moment Obama mentioned getting that promised puppy on his election night! The famous Obama “Hope” poster has even been redesigned to show “Honey” (presumably a loveable mutt just like Obama called himself) and the word “ADOPT”. You can support the Adopt-a-Pet movement yourself – find out more at, where you can even download a copy of the dog-version of the famous poster.

Guess every dog really does have his day!

*POTUS and FLOTUS … you know – President of the United States and First Lady!

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  1. Hahahah, I had NO IDEA what Plotus and Flotus meant. That’s what they should name their dogs, and they should get two just so they can name their dogs those cool names!

  2. I guess they’re choosing certain breeds because one of the girls has an allergy to most dogs. Too bad, because Italian Greyhounds are the world’s most loving dogs. They can romp and play like other dogs, but they also will sit on your lap, facing you, with their cheeks pressed to yours for hours at a time. Their one drawback is that they are so overbred their teeth have to be brushed daily. Me, I’d get a collie, the Lassie-type, just as sweet at the IG and smart as a whip, as well as easy to groom. But I’m not allergic.

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