High-end girlfriends are the new economic indicator

The popularity of mistresses speaks volumes about how rich men spend their money.


The Mistress Fiscal Factor

High-end girlfriends are the new economic indicator

-Mary Beth Sammons

My interest in the economy has a lot to do with my checking account and how much extra is in there this month. So, economic indicators, T-bills, the price of gold and cocktail chatter about what it would take for the economy to make an impressive recovery, are not exactly my thing.

However, I was stunned (at first) to read about the HEGI indicator “High-End Girlfriend Index.”

Apparently, the popularity of mistresses speaks volumes about how rich men spend their money. Short-fat men, who otherwise could never attract a young women, (or any woman for that matter) EXCEPT with wads and wads of money, will divest all their trappings of wealth, but hang on to a mistress like a dog with a bone. The last thing to go is the arm candy.

The HEGI was charted by Edward Hayes, a NYC Bronx homicide prosecutor-turned-noted lawyer, who is the go-to guy when matrimonial promises are broken by these scummy little adulterers. Hayes calls these guys “schlubs” who were invisible to girls in high school, but now are the Big Man on Wall Street (BMOW’s) thanks to their millions that buy them what their looks and lack of personality can’t.

It makes sense to me. As a single woman living in the suburbs, sadly much of what I see is cast-off husbands (who still maintain a mailbox with their wives), hunting for whatever they’re not getting at home… and usually it’s talk and sex (in that order). Slime-y and gutless wonders, they really think they’re hot stuff. Why? Because lonely women will take a man, any man, even if he is the fat, dorky next door neighbor emotional barnacle. Sadly, and trust me, there are many lonely women who will take the crumbs these creeps are throwing.

So, finally I can totally understand an economic concept. Whoa … if these “titans” are surrendering their high-end girlfriends it is a bad, bad, bad sign.

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