The Neti Pot: A Holistic Approach

This article is about what the neti pot can do for you.

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The Neti Pot

A holistic approach to unstuffing your nose!

-Stephanie Elliot, aka Manic Mommy

Neti PotIn all my 39 years, I had never heard of a neti pot. And in probably 28 of those 39 years, I have been a sufferer of sinus problems and the occasional allergy-whammo attack. How is it that NOW I am so enlightened?

Since I don’t want you to be oblivious to the gifts that are out there, I bring you me, Manic Mommy, demonstrating the neti pot, a completely holistic (and if you know me, you know I am not completely holistic) way to cleanse your sinuses and feel IMMEDIATELY well!

And I’ve even begun to let my 7-year-old use the neti pot, too, and I tell you, it clears him up right away, and he is no longer the cranky, whiny, stuffed-up kid I want to shove into the closet until his father gets home from work! (Yes, that is a JOKE, folks! The closet is way too small…)

I bring to you, Manic and the neti pot:

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