Why The Obamas Are Role Models for Parents

Why parents are looking to The Obamas for parenting tips.


Parents Look to the Obamas for Parenting Tips

How normalcy is better than bribery

-Stephanie Elliot

Obama familyI used to think it took bribery to get kids to clean up their rooms … but apparently now all it takes is a brand new President.

That’s right. Kids are actually excited about cleaning up their rooms and making their beds because Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, make their own beds.

Who knew?

Parents across the country are looking to the Obama family as role models on how to raise their own children. From their chores to their bedtime to what the girls are allowed to watch on television and what they read at night, all parenting eyes are on this family.

The fascination is simple. It’s because they are NORMAL. The Obamas are regular people and they are raising their daughters not to be diva snobs in a celeb-obsessed world. They are raising them to be young ladies – polite, good citizens who make their bed. And read Harry Potter and watch SpongeBob with dad. I’m quite certain that whatever type of dog they end up choosing, there’ll be a fire sale of that breed as soon as it’s chosen! Everybody is following their lead. Because it’s a good lead to follow.

The Morning Call reports:

Parenting experts say the fact that the Obamas are the first African-American family to move to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., along with their well-known personal struggles growing up, make them even more appealing as modern-day role models.

”People just want to know everything about them,” said Childers, a member of Chicago’s Jack and Jill of America, a group aimed at fostering positive development of African-American families. ”They feel like these two people are exemplary, and they didn’t come from exemplary backgrounds. So how do you take an average, ordinary family and raise an exemplary person?”

I remember on Election Day watching the Obama family vote, a mere 30 miles away from my home. Even I – someone who wasn’t really an Obama fan at that point – was mesmerized. I watched Michelle and Barack as they took their daughters through the process, showed them the ballots, laughed and joked with them. It made me want to take my children to vote with me, and it also desperately made me reconsider whom I planned on voting for later that day.

Just recently, my 7-year-old son asked me whom I voted for. I said McCain. He shook his head. They had done a mock vote in first grade. He said, “Mom, I voted for Obama.”

See, even he knew. But his bed remains unmade. For now.

Stephanie Elliot is Betty’s Lit Lounge and Parenting editor, and she also answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. Visit her at manicmommy.blogspot.com or stephanieelliot.com.

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0 thoughts on “Why The Obamas Are Role Models for Parents

  1. stephanie, I might look to the Obamas for parenting tips but I don’t think someone who voted for McCain is qualified to give advice. that you’re from Chicago, to boot, baffles the mind.

  2. In most respects they seem to be role models, but did the girls accompany them in the church services and listen to the filth from Jeremiah Wright? That would not have been good.

  3. I think that people, regardless of their political party, can appreciate both parties. So yes, I believe that Stephanie IS qualified to give advice. Parenting and politics are two SEPARATE things.

  4. Andrea3–why does my choice of presidential candidate cancel out my qualifications to give advice? I have 5 children, one of whom was lost the day after he was born.
    The Obamas can be good role models

  5. I wouldn’t call them perfect roles models,but they are good ones, esp for the black community.But so are the McCains & the Palins.So is Biden I guess.They are married couples w/good kids.

  6. “The fascination [with the Obamas] is simple. It’s because they are NORMAL.”

    I wouldn’t call them “normal.” I’d call them the exception to the rule, which is to let TV raise kids while both parents work or to spend a great deal less time with their kids than they could and should. Just how many parents read to their kids a lot, take them to the ballot booth to show them good citizenship, play Bumpercars with them at county fairs. This is a real family; they were like this before Obama got elected, and, while things are bound to change somewhat with his presidential responsibilities, the groundwork has been laid.
    Whereas Palin talks a lot but winds up with a pregnant teen, and the father of the baby publicly blogs that he doesn’t want to get married or be a father. It was a poor choice for the Palins to let Kristol (named after a nearby bay in Alaska) date this guy, let alone get pregnant by him, when “abstinence” is supposed to be the rule of the house. My dad used to give guys a good grilling before they stepped a foot out the door with me; I resented it then, but I’m glad of it now, with the divorce rate and unwed pregnancy rate both zooming.

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