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Is The Pick-Up Artist really the world's greatest?

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Could Mystery find yours?

-Cate Thompson

pickupWith all the reality TV out there to choose from you’ve probably come across The Pick-Up Artist while you’ve been channel surfing. This “reality” show is hosted by an eyeliner wearing, black-nail-polished, furry mad hatter, magician/mentalist turned seducer extraordinaire. Erik von Markovik, a.k.a. Mystery, has been proclaimed “the world’s greatest pick-up artist.” He is not the most attractive piece of male meat on the singles market, however, he claims that with his lines, props and techniques, he can not only sway any woman into his arms but into his bed as well.

I prefer to believe that women are more than a “target” who must prove their “quality” to a game player who “false disqualifies” them “in-field.” Honestly, regardless of how skilled a guy may be in his approach, can a woman really be smoke and mirrored or song and danced into his web of deceit? Sure, some certainly can (hey, girls keep doffing their tops for Joe Francis) but some of us are extremely particular. Here’s a clip from The Pick-Up Artist:

MysterySince we have very little to go on when we meet someone for the first time, it’s usually the appearance of the other person that catches our eye. If that initial attraction isn’t there to begin with, does the guy stand a chance? Not with me. I’m not going to waste my time. I had one friend tell me of an encounter a friend of hers had with a guy she saw on public transportation in the middle of the day. They basically looked at one another, knew they were sexually compatible and checked into the nearest hotel they could find to prove it over and over again. There was no “3-second rule”, no “peacocking”, no “neg.” Just good old-fashioned eye contact and gut instinct.

Granted, I’m not a youngster and don’t have the time of 20-somethings who may find Mystery’s sort of persuasion intoxicating and/or dangerous. Bottom line, I highly doubt his tactics are not without their shortcomings. Pun intended.

What do YOU think of The Pick-Up Artist?

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