The Recession has Left no Stone Unturned

How the recession is affecting everyone and everything.

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The Economy: It’s Not Just You

The recession leaves no stone unturned

-Megan Southwick

Tiffany and Co. blue boxWe are all aware of the obvious effects the recent economic upheaval has had – unemployment has skyrocketed, banks are failing; the housing industry is, well… can we even call it a housing industry right now?

But you may be surprised to hear about a few of the following things affected by the recession:

1. Tiffany & Co. Yes, even this stalwart luxury shop is releasing fewer little blue boxes into the world. They cut jobs and announced a vastly trimmed store growth plan for 2009. Audrey Hepburn fans everywhere sigh in dismay.

2. Plastic surgery is under the knife as even the wealthy look for ways to trim the extra fat from their midriffs budgets.

3. Speaking of trimming: People are also canceling gym memberships and diet services. Jenny Craig, whose food plan costs about $100 per week, is reporting a significant slowdown. Guess we’ll be seeing more joggers on the streets.

4. Don’t forget to tip your server! Because everyone else seems to be. The bar and restaurant industry has fewer customers in general, and those who do go out are being stingier with the gratuity. Hey – if you can afford to go out to dinner, you can afford a decent tip!

5. And yes, even the hookers in Vegas are seeing tough times. Less business travel = fewer business travelers = fewer customers on the strip. In an industry where, for the most part, women could demand (and get) whatever they wanted price-wise, the recession seems to be an equal opportunity downer.

Of course, not everything is down. Unfortunately, there’s been an increase in both shoplifting and domestic violence. How’s that for holiday cheer?

On a lighter note – concert sales are UP. Guess we need to have some fun somehow.

And an industry you may want to consider investing in … SAFES. Yep, good old fashion safe sales are on the rise, as more people start to think their money is, er, safer there than under the bed or … alas … in the bank.

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  1. I’ve heard that gun sales are up – not just in Texas, but all over the country. I get that these folks fear President-elect Obama, but how interesting when so many people are hurting.

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