The Women a Must-See for Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes Fans

The Women is a fabulous must-see chick flick starring Meg Ryan and Eva Mendes

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The Women is a Must-See!

All-star, all-female cast in this “must-see-with-girlfriends” flick!

-Stephanie Elliot

I knew I had to see The Women when my hubby came home from seeing The Dark Knight this summer and said, “I saw a trailer about some movie about some women and Meg Ryan and some other women are in it and you’re going to want to see it.”

He was right!

What a cast! Of course, you have Meg Ryan and Annette Bening, but then there’s Debra Messing as the quirky knocked-up BFF who is just hilariously funny – someone I would totally want to pal around with. And you’ve got bonus scenes with a pot-smokin’ Bette Midler, a bitchy Carrie Fisher and a “well-rested” Candice Bergen as Meg Ryan‘s mom. Just watching the stars is worth your ticket price. You even have lovely Jada as a lesbian, but I have to admit, I had a bit of a hard time suspending reality knowing she and Willie Smith are tight.

You’ve got your cheating husband, the bitchy beautiful other woman (played brilliantly by Eva Mendes), and the wife who’s so busy trying to be everything she thinks she’s supposed to be, that she might be missing out on being what is most important.

Add to the “unfaithful husband” premise a best friend who sells out another and you begin to wonder which is worse: being a jilted wife or having a friend use your messed-up life to get ahead in her own career. With the fab cast, a soulful soundtrack you’ll rush home to download and a designer wardrobe that would make Carrie Bradshaw ooh and ahh, you’ve got yourself two hours of great entertainment!

Strong recommendation … see it with a bunch of girlfriends. Just make sure you know exactly where your husband is before you go.

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