The Male Outlook

A woman asks why men wish to date gorgeous women if the women are not very nice.


The Male Mentality

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why do men think that all women should look like models, and then complain when these girls cheat and lie and have horrible attitudes? Men who look really good act the same way. Why can’t men accept overweight women, since they expect women to adore them no matter what?

Steven: Men are generally very visual beings. The men who say they are not, are generally lying. I am not saying this is right it is just often the way it is. I know this may seem silly especially because some men don’t take care of themselves but they still want women who are good looking. Either way, you can complain and wish it wasn’t that way, or you can just deal with it and try to look the best you can.

Besides, even if you put the issue of what men like, the real issue is what do you like? Do you like how you look? If you are overweight does it bother you? Take charge of your life, look your best and either way the more comfortable you are inside, the more people will be comfortable with you.

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