The Most Romantic Evening Ever

Carrie Seim along with Betty readers share their most romantic evening ever!

Betty’s Valentine’s Day Series

My Most Romantic Evening Ever

Readers share their most love-a-licious nights

Carrie Seim

a happy couple at the beachThe perfect romantic evening doesn’t have to include candlelight and roses (cliché police!). One of my most romantic nights involved an early-bird dinner at a polka tavern, a slow dance to accordion music and a crowd of Slovakian septuagenarians. The relationship didn’t last, but my memory of that unexpectedly delightful night lingers.

Why did an evening of oom-pa-pa make such an oom-pa-pression on me? Because it was creative, surprising and endearing – three of the most important ingredients for any romantic date. (Don’t forget a spoonful of sexy!)

The polka dinner came about during a last-minute Valentine’s Day date in Los Angeles. Every table in town was booked. But instead of giving up and suggesting takeout, my date found a hilariously creative solution. He drove miles to the outskirts of the city and took me to a heretofore unheard-of-to-me Central European restaurant. We proceeded to laugh our way through the evening – just the two of us against a sea of elderly polka dancers. Something about the outlandishness of the ordeal lent it a sparkling intimacy.
I asked other affection aficionados to share stories of their most romantic evenings. Get ready for some love, some laughter and even some Steve Buscemi.

Flowers, Champagne & Steve Buscemi

“My boyfriend knows how much I love Steve Buscemi, so one Valentine’s Day I came home and he was dressed like Mr. Pink (Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs). The lights were low, and he had lit candles (a big deal, because his idea of romantic lighting is fluorescent overheads, which thank God we don’t have). He had set out caviar, Champagne and a director’s cut of Reservoir Dogs. Oh, and flowers and candy. Somebody got laid that night.” – Judy, New York, NY

Deal or More Deals

“I took my boyfriend to a hotel in Catalina for our anniversary. I’d created this entire construction-paper version of Deal or No Deal. But instead of a dollar amount, each silver case had an important date or location from our relationship. I told him he was going to have to play the game to try to win his anniversary present. I was very serious and said there was one big prize and many other ones that were lame, silly, sweet or sexy. And he’d have to try really hard if he wanted to win the big prize. Of course, in the end, he got all the gifts … and the sexiness, too.” – Cassidy, Los Angeles, CA

Healing Hearts & Heads

“I’d been interning in New York City for two weeks when I accidentally bashed my head on a railing in my apartment. I was bleeding all over, and the only person I knew to call was a guy I’d gone on a date with earlier that week. I barely knew him, but I was on the phone, like, ‘Oh my God, help me! Help me!’ Next thing you know, he comes rolling down the street in a Calvin Klein suit, carrying gauze, some peroxide and a lollipop. He bandaged my head and took me to the closest hospital. I was so out of it that when the registration form asked for my DOB, I asked out loud, “What’s a dob?” He gently reminded me that it was my date of birth. I was in too much pain to even be embarrassed! He stayed by my side while a nurse sewed me up (and while a man in a straitjacket walked by, screaming ‘I’m gonna kill you!’). That night, he ordered in Chinese food and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was sweet – the sweetest. I knew that night, despite my head injury, that we were falling in love.” – Matty, New York, NY

Punk Rock & PBRs

“My most romantic evening ever? Not so conventional, probably: the love of my life, a couple of PBR tall boys and one of the best punk-rock shows I’ve ever seen (the Ignorant, Off with Their Heads, American Steel, the Dwarves and the Casualties). Sweaty, sweaty punk rock, lots of dancing, beer everywhere, spikes, leather, torn clothes and someone who believes all the same things I do and shares my ideals, down to the punk-rock ethic? Nothing better.” – Megan, Durham, NC

What was your most romantic evening ever?

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