Advice Roundup: The Week's Worst

A breakdown of this week's most terrible advice.

Advice Roundup

The Week’s Worst Relationship Advice

Thongs ain’t wrong!

-Judy McGuire

woman wearing a thongApproximately 15 years after the fact, Dear Abby addresses the all-important butt floss issue. When told by a young reader that her mother feels thongs are sinful, Abby weighs in on their side, but adds, “Frankly, I have never understood the thong underwear fad. For many decades women have struggled to keep their panties from bunching up exactly where the thong is designed to go – and the feeling is really uncomfortable.”

Abby, honey, I’m with you in the granny panty camp, but the kids have been digging the thong for OVER a decade now. You’re a little late on this one.

Speaking of what not to wear, the Times of London enlisted two experts to answer all your sex questions. This week they hear from a 16-year-old boy who wants to wear his mother’s lycra leggings and wonders if this is weird or unhealthy.

The first expert, Suzi Godson, casually reassures the boy that in the pantheon of fetishes, this one is mild and he’s at an age where pretty much everything turns him on anyway. She tells him that his friends might mock him at first, but will probably wind up admiring him for his originality. (Godson also advises him that he’ll have to wash the leggings between wears, which might seem like common sense, but we’re talking about a teenage boy here).

The other expert is far more uptight and judgey. Dr. Thomas Stuttaford gravely tells our young man that he’s probably a transvestite. Adding, “Cross dressing – transvestism – seems to be more common in the art world. This may be more apparent than real and only reflect an environment in which unusual or flamboyant dress will be considered Bohemian.” Um, what?

Maybe you see more cross-dressers in the entertainment and arts because they’re out, but spend a couple days at Fantasia Fair, a weeklong transgender event in Provincetown, MA, and you’ll see that accountants are just as likely as comedians to dabble in women’s dress. They’re simply less likely to wear their outfits to work.

But all of this is beside the point. We’re talking about a 16-year-old boy here. His sexuality is just emerging and to categorize him as anything is irresponsible. Like the first – and real – expert explained, “Far worse to be 16 and obsessed with wearing hooded sweatshirts and carrying kitchen knives.”

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