Things To Do With Your Placenta

Planning to throw away your placenta? Stop! From teddy bears to pizzas, there's more than one way to make use of your placenta.
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A Very Special Memento

In addition to the placenta teddy bear mentioned above, there are myriad ways to preserve a lovely token of your miraculous life-giving power. You could plant it beneath a tree like Matthew McConaughey, but that seems so boring. A much better – a more show-offable option: The Placenta Print!

Instructions abound on the Internet for this clever little craft, but my favorite can be found at They start with a very helpful list of Things You’ll Need:

• Placenta [well duh!]

• Good quality art paper

• Ink pad (optional)

Then the instructions are simple and easy! Starting with “Defrost your placenta if it’s been frozen by placing it in a refrigerator or a cool oven. Make sure you’ve put it into a large container or bowl since the placenta will be messy as it defrosts.”

Yikes! Keep those paper towels handy! And most of all … be careful you don’t turn the oven up too high!

From there you merely plop the placenta, vein side (that’s the side “against mom,” silly!) down, onto a piece of paper (good quality, obviously!). Or – you can wash all the blood off and use a giant ink pad instead. Totally up to you! Just be sure you get a nice frame!

For some good pictures of this project, you can visit — where an insightful commenter asks: “Can the placenta still be cooked and eaten or does the ink ruin it for this purpose?”

Good question!

Which brings us to option # 2 …

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0 thoughts on “Things To Do With Your Placenta

  1. Can’t help but gag at the recipes, but the teddy bear isn’t actually too bad. And burying a placenta under a tree is an age old tradition in many cultures, or you plant a new tree when your baby is born, and use the placenta to aid as a fertilizer. The tree grows up strong and healthy while your child does. And the Native Americas had beliefs about eating various organs as well. I think on occasion a couple of people need to grow up and take into account not everyone’s ideas, beliefs or traditions will be shared, but that doesn’t make them revolting, it’s just an interesting perspective.

  2. You are absolutely right, Ariannda! People really do need to grow up! We should also allow doctors to do, “blood-letting”, until the patient gets well!!!…R-i-g-h-t. I “totally” understand using it for fertilizer, afterall, fertilizer is sooo expensive and hard to find!
    I agree with everyone else… disgusting! Just MY perspective!

  3. uggghhhhh…..
    God this is totally cannibalistic behaviour!!!!
    I mean.. after birth u will burn down a house of a baby??
    why dunt u just let it be!!!

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