Things That Go Bump In the Night

Personal experiences of encountering spirits.

In Her Words

Ghost Sightings

Have you ever seen one?

-Myrna Blyth, Blyth times

person in ghost costumeIt is almost Halloween, time to tell the only ghost stories I know. Have I ever seen a ghost? No. Do I believe in them? Probably not. But then I haven’t had much chance. I have only lived in city apartments which tend to be extremely short on ghosts or in fairly new houses that never had time to acquire visitors from another world. But the ghost stories I am sharing were told to me by eminently sensible women. And, in truth, they are less ghost stories than ghost sightings. Maybe that’s why they are so believable.

Ghost Sighting #1: An old friend told me that several years ago her mother had rented an old house in a small Massachusetts town. She was helping her mom get settled. They were sitting in the living room, having tea by the fire, after a long day of unpacking. It was twilight time and quite dim in the room except for the fire’s glow. Suddenly, a Revolutionary War soldier, a Redcoat, as a matter of fact, slowly walked through the room and seemed to disappear through the wall. She saw it. Her mother saw it. They were both speechless and both terrified. They wondered what was going to happen next. Her mother, however, stayed in the house, and they never saw the soldier again. But she swears they both saw the ghost.

Ghost Sighting #2: Another friend, raised in California, was playing by the side of a railroad track with her younger brother. She was about 10 or 11 at the time. It was a train track that had not been used for decades and decades. Suddenly, they saw a train roar by, whistle sounding. They both watched, amazed, and ran home to tell their mother. She told them it wasn’t possible. Trains had stopped running on that track long before they were born. My friend said she knows she saw a ghost train and so did her brother. They stopped playing by those tracks.

A Third Ghostly Tale: A friend has a very old house in Connecticut. When they first moved in they would often hear things that go bump in the night. Once they were even sure there were footsteps on the porch on a snowy evening. But when they went out to check there were no footprints or even animal tracks. Meanwhile they were renovating the house and doing some research about it. One room they discovered was called “the borning room.” The contractor who was working on the house told them the stain on the floor in that room appeared to be blood. He changed the flooring. The sounds and the footsteps stopped.

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