The Short List

Three reasons to cut your hair

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The Short List

Three Reasons to Cut Your Hair Right Now!

-Lois Joy Johnson

gwyneth paltrowI once cut off my hair after a bad breakup, and it was liberating. And that’s the first thing long-haired celebrities are saying now as they go for the big chop. Somehow all that long hair starts looking and feeling kind of tired and tacky, extensions seem absurd and all those hours of flat-ironing and straightening feel like wasted time.

Celebs aren’t the only ones–more and more of us are going short, and these are the top three reasons I’m hearing:

*It’s the best way to get rid of the damage that all those years of heat styling and color applications have inflicted.Anne Hathaway
*Shorter hair looks newer and chicer (everyone deserves an up-to-date look).
*It’s an instant pick-me-up after a breakup (with a guy or your employer!).

A medium-length blunt cut that hits an inch or two above the shoulders now has all the glamour that long hair used to provide. Gwyneth Paltrow kicked off the trend last year, and now we’re seeing Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon, too. Even perennially long-locked Liv Tyler quickly snipped and acquired the serious sophistication of a young Liz Taylor or Marilyn Monroe…and it’s all about the hair.

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and Hilary Swank leaped to boyish crops and pixie cuts, but let’s be honest, that’s hard to pull off unless you have a chiseled jaw and long neck like they do, or the dramatic height or a toned body like model Agyness Deyn and Olympic swimmer Dana Torres.


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0 thoughts on “The Short List

  1. I am a big fan of the major chop off! I tend to do it once every couple years – with rave reviews.

    That said, it’s so easy for celebs to say “oh, yeah, cut your hair” because as soon as they want long hair again they just dial their celebrity hair stylist to come work his/her magic!

  2. I’m going to get my hair cut shorter this weekend, I have wash n’ go curly hair, and my schedule’s too busy to have long hair right now. Maybe someday when I’m old and gray, I’ll stop coloring and cutting my hair and grow it really long. I’ll be the crazy old woman on my block with flowing hair and several cats…

  3. Everytime I cut my hair shorter, I regret it. I just like longer hair, and think it is so much more feminine, and easier to deal with as you can just put it up in a ponytail.

  4. Huh.

    To each their own.

    When i am stressed, i treat myself to a hot oil treatment, or some expensive conditioner. Or even better, a Manic Panic week!

    I haven’t cut my hair in about 10 years, except for trims to keep the ends even, and in that time i’ve lost an SO to cancer, had 3 breakups, been laid off, quit 2 jobs, moved three times, and had a beloved pet pass away.

    Your hair is yours and no one else’s. Grow it, cut it, style it, or colour it because you want to, not because the celebrities cut theirs :)

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