Tiger Gets Ready to Talk – Maybe

Reporters set to grill him at his second news conference.

Tiger Gets Ready to Talk – Maybe

Reporters set to grill him at his second news conference.

-Jane Farrell

Tiger Woods

Four months after his infidelity became a worldwide scandal, Tiger Woods is facing one of his toughest obstacles yet: appearing before 180 reporters as he gets ready to play in one of golf’s most difficult tournaments.

Tiger didn’t take questions from reporters at his Feb. 19 news conference; instead, he read a prepared apology to his wife and family. In two brief, carefully controlled interviews earlier this month, he admitted, “I’ve done a lot of bad things.” In the same interviews, he dodged questions about his Nov. 27 car accident, the incident that led to the seedy revelations about mistresses, porn stars and X-rated texts. “It’s all in the police report,” he said repeatedly.

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But he’s probably not going to get away with that evasive reply—at least, not so easily–at next Monday’s half-hour news conference. Today, the Telegraph (UK) reported that American golf writers are getting ready to hit Tiger with pointed questions about his girlfriends, his reported drug use and how he came to end up bloodied following a minor car accident. (Some have speculated that his wife Elin hit him with a golf club after discovering his infidelity and that he took off in a panic in his Cadillac Escalade, hitting a hydrant moments later.)

His friend, golf legend Arnold Palmer, said he had thought it would be a smart move for Tiger to have a no-holds-barred news conference to clear the air. “I suppose the best thing he could do would be open up and just let you guys shoot at him,” Palmer told the New York Daily News.

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Two days after the news conference, Tiger will make his return to professional golf in the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, one of four championship competitions in the sport. No one knows how well he’ll do, but he turned down a chance earlier to play at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Florida. “He didn’t feel his game was sharp enough to come and compete that soon,” Palmer told the New York Daily News.

But although there may be some questions about how well he’ll do in the Masters, one thing is for sure: His wife won’t be there. According to People magazine, Tiger asked Elin to come for at least half a day to show her support for his return to golf. “But,” a source told People, “she would rather not be there.”

And who can blame her? (The Telegraph, The New York Daily News)

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  1. 11. He’ll never give up his addictions. People can, but they have to want to, and I don’t think he does. I think he’ll keep his “enablers” around him and go back to his old tricks (in more than one sense of the word).

    12. If he isn’t lousy with STDs — some NEVER go away and can crop back up years later.

    13. Could ever go back to that mansion, knowing of him having sex with at least one woman there. In the kitchen? Who’d ever want to even eat food cooked there? He is yeecchhhh, just a stinking rotten pile of what’s best flushed away.

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