Tiger, Jesse-and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A serial cheater could put his wife's life in danger.

Tiger, Jesse—and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A serial cheater could put his wife’s life in danger.

-The Betty Editors

Tiger Woods

Evelyn Theiss, a friend of Betty and a feature writer at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, sent us an article we thought was well worth sharing with our readers.

It’s about the risk that unfaithful men like Tiger Woods, Jesse James, former Sen. John Edwards and former New York governor Eliot Spitzer take with their mates’ health and even life. Why? Because all these men have sexual partners who have come forward and said that the guys did not wear condoms.

And we all know it takes just one exposure, Evelyn writes, to be exposed to the full range of STDs. And yes, that includes AIDS.

If you think a scenario like that is unlikely, consider what psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall said on CNN: “Men who are sexually compulsive have notoriously poor insight into what anybody around them is feeling. They have reckless disregard for the rights of others. They often don’t wear condoms.”

Jesse James

And guess who’s been treated for sexual compulsion? Tiger and Jesse—and they’re only the ones we know about.

The wives of these guys are smart women, and it’s very likely that they’ve been tested for STDs. “Here’s hoping,” Evelyn writes, “that the news wasn’t as terrible as it could be.”

For the entire article, click here. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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