Tiger Woods: Secrets From the Locker Room

A PGA insider spills inside details about the scandalous golf star.

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Tiger Woods: Secrets From the Locker Room

A PGA insider spills inside details about the scandalous golf star.

-Kelly Will

Tiger Woods

Now that Tiger Woods has taken a break from golf, it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that some of his secrets have found their way straight out of the locker room on the PGA tour. Our PGA source tells us that many of the guys on the tour had an idea of Tiger’s cheating behavior but didn’t realize just how many women were involved in his extramarital affairs. Currently, the number stands at 14 women and counting who have come forward to admit to being with Tiger over the past five years since he wed Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren.

“Tiger is not a favorite in the locker room,” the insider says. “He is not known for being particularly nice to a lot of the guys on the tour and they were not surprised when the news broke. The men gossip and it was known that Tiger was not always faithful.”

Tiger Woods

One of the reasons Tiger is not popular on the PGA tour is because he is just as cold off the course as he on it. “Tiger is a standoffish guy and that doesn’t sit well with a lot of the golfers,” the insider tells BettyConfidential. “The guys who still respect him have a very good reason for standing by him — they have made a lot of money because of Tiger Woods and the positive attention he brought to the game of golf before this scandal broke. Feelings are torn, but everyone is worried about Elin and the kids and most do hope that they can find a way to work through his problems.”

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While Elin has flown to Sweden for Christmas (without Tiger) and is reportedly preparing to serve him with divorce papers, our source recommends that Tiger take plenty of time off, get help and focus on his family if he hopes to have any future success and save his endorsement deals. “He needs to spend all his energy on taking care of himself and his family. If he can rehab himself and find a way to make his family situation right, then he can come back and play great golf. That’s the best chance he has at regaining lost endorsements and any public support. But it could take years.”

Magazine and newspaper reporter Kelly Will has written celebrity columns for the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/misswill.

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0 thoughts on “Tiger Woods: Secrets From the Locker Room

  1. I know if I were Tiger wife I would not look back and pray that my health haven’t been jeopardize..I have watched Tiger play golf,and I would never though he would do his wife& children wrong…

  2. Really. I don’t see how these “problems” can be “worked out.” it’s not like it was one mis-step. He had absolutely no respect for their marriage, for Elin, or for his children.

  3. I’m shocked and disappointed in Tiger, but from the opposite angle. Considering that he is a billionaire, 14 booty calls over 5 years isn’t very many. I consider him a piker more than a cheater; if you’re gonna cheat, go all out.

  4. Yeah right! And what does she get out of it? Does she get to screw around? Hell no!!! You know there’s a double standard when it comes to that, and why should she do that, when she could leave him, and be rich as hell, and marry another man with a fabulous life style, who respects her and her children’s welfare and health. I say leave now while she’s still young and beautiful… She’s going to end up having to do it eventually, why waste anymore of her life on him!!!!!

  5. Tiger Woods is a billionaire who thinks he’s too good to tip service people, a billionaire who thinks he can cheat on his wife and doesn’t care who finds out, a billionaire who’s unpopular with fellow golfers for being a cold s.o.b. to them instead of a genial sportsman, a billionaire who thinks he can make thinks OK with his wife when she just bought a big house on an island off Sweden that’s only accessible by boat … does this idiot really think his money is going to buy back good will from service people he stiffs, from a humiliated wife, from antagonized other golfers, from a wife who just got as far away from him as she could …. and will probably hire security to keep any boat he sends to her island from landing? Money doesn’t buy everything, a lesson this “ashamed-I’m-African-American” jerk has yet to realize. But eventually he’ll figure it out, when he’s got nobody but gold-diggers left as “friends”…. The public doesn’t want him any more, his wife doesn’t want him, his fellow golfers don’t want him … when his children are old enough to understand, they won’t want him. I hope those whores were worth it. I hope he’s kicked out of pro golfing for good.

  6. I hate to say it, but…with all his money this to will all blow over and all this will be forgot about when the next big story from one of the rich and famous happens. For now I think if I were Elin, I would continue to live with the JERK and make his life pure hell! Hey, why not? look what he is putting her and the kids through.

  7. We have no idea what is really going on between Tiger and Elin,,after all gossip is gossip, from my end, I can’t believe Tiger ever thought he could get away with being that much of a cheat, as in,,,no one saw him,,did anyone have an idea,,and these nights he was not home, where was Elin, did she not ever call him, I personally think there are a lot of loose ends, to form any real type of opinion, other than to send prayers and hope it can be worked out, to satisfy the both of them,,,

  8. I have been around inner golf circles for yrs.now and all you hear is true,he is not liked in the locker room(except by a lonely few)this has been a common fact ever since Tiger went on tour.Tiger is a GREAT player but two he also is the biggest personality mess up since the infamous fart on National TV BUT it is still TIGER! Tiger I hopes she takes you to the cleaners financailly and please stop thinking w/the wrong head God gave you and use the one in your head!

  9. tiger should never have gotten married,and never sold his image as mr. woods ,nice guy and great father neither of which he is.there would be no trouble then now hes screwed royally

  10. I’ll be glad when this is over it really no of our business who he’s doing,let the first person cast the first stone that has no sin’s .People love to have someting to gossip about, Im sure tiger was a hoe before he met elin and will be after, he plays golf, big deal who care’s anyway.

  11. I agree with Daisey something does not add up. One lover claims she was with him the night his father passed away. Why would you not be with your husband at that time. Do not get me wrong it does not justify what he has done…but you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

  12. Yes what’s in the dark will come to the light. No matter what; I like Tiger. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Some bigger than others. What Tiger problem is he disown his daddy side of the family. That’s like total disrespect to Tigers daddy and his descendants. That’s worst than cheating with 1 million weman. It’s coming back to huant him. The white people know he is black and the black peolpe don’t care about him for what he said. So he has no group to stand by him. Now he will feel what is like to be black.

  13. I am heartbroken about what Tiger did to his life and the suffering of his beautiful wife Elin. I had a cheating husband like that and I know the pain. She does not deserve what he did to her and their children. I believe Tiger is a sick man and needs lots of help. Elin shoud divorce him and start a new life with her children in Sweden. He is a lost cause, no one wants him, his public finds him disgusting, he has no friends. He stiffs all service people and is cold and unfeeling. I am so very sorry for lovely Elin, go forward Elin without this sorry s o b.

  14. What if all the women involved were Black? What if Elin was Black and all the other women he was running around with were Black, would the media attention be this intense? Simple answer, NO! If that had been the case this might have merited 2 days worth of news on ESPN and no other major network (except maybe BET). No endorsements would have been lost and I venture a guess that Tiger would have resumed playing after his injuries healed.
    Black man cheating on Black woman is not news to the majority community…WHO CARES! White people surely don’t! But, put a White woman directly in the line of fire of a Black man’s indiscretions and it becomes news and moreover a cautionary tale to other White women who are “crossing the line” with Black males. This “cautionary tale” is what the majority owned media is trying to broadcast. This is why we cannot escape this story. This is why this story is being driven into the ground. ENOUGH!

  15. A lot of people looked up to Tiger Woods as a champion. He’s nothing but a low life cheater. If he was any kind of a man, before cheating on his wife, he would have given thought to how would he have felt if she had cheated on him. I say ban him from golf for good. He’s not someone kids or anyone else should be looking up to. He needs to be put in his place. Money rich but dirt poor. Just like his filthy soul is. What a joke. To be one of the richest people but no one respects low lives who treat people as if they are to be used. All the money couldn’t buy him the respect he once demanded. Not only cheated with more than 10 woman but also paid for prostitutes. Go get em Tiger. Go get tested for HI-V and AID’s you moron. I just pray that you didn’t give any kind of SIDS to your poor wife you creep. I hope he’s not only banned from golf but everyone of his sponsors cut him loose. No one will ever forget what a whore you are Tiger, or should I say Dog Woods… You’re a PIG!!! And that’s giving the swine population a bad name…

  16. OH TIGER, how could you turn out to be such a disappointment to your parents (your Dad probably didn’t care too much as he was a cheater too before he died)to Elin & your children & the rest of the world who looks up to you? Elin should leave you b/c you have publicly humilated her in front of the WORLD! There is no way she will stay unless it is to “take” more $$$ from you & she certainly deserves it! Tiger put his & Elin’s health at risk by not wearing condoms w/the skanks/ho’s he slept with all around the world. He is morally bankrupt & deserves all the pain he will be getting over the next several months. RUN ELIN RUN…don’t forget to take the $$$$ as much as you can get; you deserve it.

  17. I would be afraid to stay w/Tiger b/c one of the skanks of his might would go after elin or one of the children..I can’t remember who the man was that runned around on his wife& the girlfriend went to the home & shot the man wife,that is scary..One day Tiger and the men that runs wild might end up w/ Loraine Bobbit!OUCH!!!

  18. I’m sorry, but I personally don’t see a way to keep this marriage together. Lying, cheating, deception, betrayal, fraud, exposing your partner to public humiliation on a world scale; it would certainly be all to much for me.

    What Tiger did by sleeping with 14 women (and counting) was phenomenally selfish, unbelievably disrespectul to his wife, his mother, and his children. Was it complete immaturity, or callousness or both.

    I feel sorry for Elin, Tiger’s mom, and Tiger’s kids who will find out about all of this eventually. I do not, however, feel sorry for Tiger in the least. He made his choices, and now he has to live with the result. He made this bed, and now he has to lay in it.

    Through raunchy and indulgent behavior off the court, with reckless disregard for those he professes to care about, Tiger has shown a total lack of character, no understanding of commitment, and no sense of honor toward even those in his own family.

    What in God’s name was Tiger thinking to believe he had a “right” to have a “mistress in every port.” so to speak By making this choice, he potentially exposed his wife to STDs, perhaps endangering her life and those of his children.

    Tiger’s tunnel-focus on golf, golf, golf from the time he was 3, apparently resulted in a failure to grow as a decent, caring, honorable person off the golf course. (Ahem, Does the name Michal Jackson strike a familiar note here? For all Michael’s enormous talent, Michael Jackson didn’t exactly grow up as a healthy, grounded, normal person with normal relationships. Both are/were absolutely brilliant in what they do, but at what an enormous cost over the course of a life?

    An affair with one woman is a mistake; 14 is way over in the sleezy zone, with a touch of predatory thrown in. (Looked who he picked: Young impressionable, easily led, not highly educated. Tiger chose to put himself among them and reel whatever ones he wanted in. He wanted one thing: their hot bodies when he had a booty call.

    With the sheer number women involved, how could Tiger possibly think that all of this dirty laundry would never come out? Has he not heard about the tabloids? Has he not seen TMZ and other celebrity news shows? Is he unaware of what the frenzied press can do to bring someone to their knees and then kick them when they’re down. (See: Brittany Spears). Does Tiger not know the viral power of the Internet today, or the fact that digital devices eave “footprints” that can be traced?

    The fact that Tiger got scared (Panic really) as heard on that voice message, shows he was scurrying to “cover up” his misdeeds.

    If true, attempts to pay off some of the women he was with to silence them is like a dog using its hind legs to cover its mess.

    On a more general level, apparently Tiger never learned that choices have consequences (and now, he is certainly learning what the consequences are for behaving like a horndog.)

    How could Tiger create this perfect image and then work so hard at turning into a complete charade.

    Tiger’s behavior is a severe case of Narcissism (“I, the great Tiger woods, am entitled to have what I want, when I want, why I want and because I want. Normal laws don’t apply to me.

    It took getting caught, losing sponsors, and possibly losing his wife and kids to finally elicit some acknowledgement of wrongdoing and the faintest scintilla of contrition.

    Yes, it’s a Huge price to pay; and I have never seen anything come apart the way this has. But hey, You want to play that, be prepared to pay. Don’t do the crime if you can’t handle the outcome. (Thus far, Tiger has been too ashamed to meet the public and look people in the eye. No good comes from that kind of sleezy behavior those kinds of secrets.

    My best wishes for his wife and kids, who didn’t deserve any of this.

    I hope that Tiger eventually understands what he did and how much he hurt and betrayed his wife, mom, and kids. He will need to devote a lot of time, money and focus to piece himself back together to ever become a good husband, father, and person.

    Lots of luck trying to turn things around Tiger. You have your work cut out for you.

  19. I am repeatedly reading and hearing, “WHY did he get married?” I wasn’t there, but this is what I am thinking. His agent told him to get married to enhance his image as a role model. His sponsors told him to get married to enhance his image as a role model and therefore, snag LOTS of buyers. His lawyers told him to get married to enhance his image as a role model, snag lots of buyers for the sponsors’ products, but to protect his assets with an ironclad prenup. It appears to have been all about image, not love (at least not love for her. I won’t speculate what she saw in him besides the obvious). He was no more ready to get married and settle down than I am ready to walk to the moon. In a way, I actually pity the guy: he is so conditioned to doing what others tell him that he, once he had all that money and access, he went nuts. With women who all mange to look like trannies. He will pay huge, huge amounts of money to them, to Elin (and she deserves PLENTY of his money) to his children (ditto) and to his lawyers, who had big paydays coming no matter what he did. Now, his divorce attorney is going to REALLY rake it in. Poor, dumb, socially-awkward Tiger. All that money and fame an so little integrity.

  20. Besides Ebonybrown, all these other women i.emollyhb,Deborah E Rose,and Daisey,are the kind of spineless money hungry women who encourages the behavior that Tiger woood display. STAY AT ALL COST BECAUSE OF A LIFESTYLE!! ??? wtf. That mentality is no better than that of the women who knew he was married and slept with him, to be honest their agenda was far more excusable; most of them genuinely cared for him and felt that his marriage was on the rocks, it was a sham to keep his career going like he’d told them and thought they each had a chance to become “the one”.

    From the beginning of time wealthy men have “Harems” and this existed and continues to exist because WOMEN have less standards for themselves. MAJORITY of Men don’t settle for sharing a damn thing except food or drinks, not their partner, be it lover or wife!! yet women all over the world put up with the BS. BarbaraC, Education has nothing to do with love or morals. Harvard, Yale, West Point etc have let loose some of the worst predators and narcissist; it pisses me off when people keep talking about how uneducated the women Tiger dated are. Education provide status, NOT warmth or the genuine ability to love and care for others. Oh, and..research has shown that most prostitution takes place on College Campuses around the USA, which means the probability of you praising a woman who’s a college graduate,but former secret “prostitute” is high, so stop putting down these young girls who were infatuated with Tiger.

    Tiger enjoyed being around these girls because they were down to earth and fun loving. So-called educated women think they have a right to be snobby and stiff!! The secret that most people have not yet wrapped their mind around is that most affluent men are drawn to simple women and not just for sex, the only reason they tend to not marry one is because SOCIETY takes away from their credit if they don’t have a particulary type on their arm. Society demands the deception that Tiger gave them, then they turn around and complain.

    Women are waaaay more critical of the other women Tiger laid with and in most case it’s out of Envy, Not genuine concern for Tiger’s wife and for those who are married they immediatly attribute the situation to them and wonder “what if it was my husband” then the insecurities kick in and they sort to crucify these girls who are seen as threats. Most of you women need to get a life and stop calling these girls whores etc. Your twisted logic is counterproductive. If the wife stays for the money she’s WORST ;)She already has millions and access to many more millions without having to stay and compromise her health “mentally & physically”.

    And finally,this society encourages multiple partners as long as a person is single, well that mentallity spills over into marriages, people don’t just stop craving what they are use to once they say “I do”..it’s all learnt behavior AND News casters, doctors, lawyers everyone promote bed hopping out of wedlock and stupidly think that behavior will come to an alt the moment a guy or girl think they’ve found the “one’and get married,,,weeks or months later old habits will resurface. The body will crave what it’s accustom to. If healthy sexual lifestyle is promoted for married and unmarried i.e. committed sexual partners period, then we wouldn’t have a lot of this mess and such an influx of STD’s. All Tiger did was to expand on a culture that’s been supported by all NBA, NFL etc “I do not endorse it”, but I understand how he got carried away…

  21. I’m a common person with common sense..1= never leave voice messages..2-never leave text messages..3= Never be in public around the skanks,so on and so on…Tiger stupid & rich..Tiger learned how to master a game,”GOLF”,made billions off of it but didn’t learn how to master the hidden satan skanks..

  22. saywhatuwill, truth be told..that’s “Black People” fault. Black women have embrace abuse from black men for decades without changing their mentality or standing up. A black woman will quickly run out and fight the other woman and not fuss at the cheating man;so with majority of people knowing this, it sincerely would not be a news story of magnitude. The black dating culture is seen as what it is “barbaric”and unkind to black women who have become immune. Black men even blame white men for their promiscuity :-) go figure,,…

  23. I believe what has happened in Tigers marriage is wrong, but also none of us really know the truth behind all of this. Most of the things we read are enhanced to make sure it is read. let’s leave Tiger and Elin alone and let them work out what is going to happen. I do not blame Elin for going back to Sweden to get away from the so called news people and photographers in this country.

  24. If Tiger made one mistake maybe they could work it out but his profile shows that he is a selfish,self centered, totally uncaring, SOB. Hmmm, For Tiger that does spell sob…like crying, interesting. Elin has put her running shoes on and I hope that she never looks back. He clearly does not care about anyone but himself, he does not deserve her. It is rare that a man like this changes. Elin has been through enough hell. She needs to move on and have a happy life. I wish her all the best!

  25. What was he thinking? Overpaid, spoiled, ego maniac. No respect for anyone. It will come back to bite him for sure. In the future, when he doesn’t have the respect, love and relationship with his own children that he had with his dad, he may finally regret his “trangressions”. All will be lost that is worth having. The money won’t mean a thing at that point.

  26. For Tiger to be as great a golfer as he is, he has had to have a drive and compulsive work ethic to be that good. Unfortunately he has that same drive and compulsion in other aspects of his life, including sex addition. If he would enter http://www.saa-recovery.com or http://www.coda.com then he might, and I say might start on the road to recovery. The sooner he does that, the better his chances of saving his marriage. Elin might wait a little longer to see if there is a change in him. The problem is that most compulsive driven people have a big void inside of them, probably developed in childhood and their compulsive behavior (food, alcohol, sex, gambling, religion, work) is used to fill that void. The answer is to find out what the void is (he only knows), inter a program to discuss and deal with the void, and then claim the void. They say name it, tame it, and claim it. Once he goes throug a program, he may not want to be the greatest golfer in the world. He may want to be a great husband and father. He may want to really help people. It is easy to help people when your rich, but those who help people when they don’t have much, are blessed. It is too bad Tiger and Elin will not have the opportunity to read this and some of the other positive comments.

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