Tiger Woods' 6-Month Plan to Save His Marriage

The golfer is working towards winning over his wife and getting back into the game - on the course, that is.

Tiger Woods’ 6-Month Plan to Save His Marriage

The golfer is working towards winning over his wife and getting back into the game — on the course, that is.

-Kelly Will

Tiger Woods

Say what you will about disgraced golfer Tiger Woods, he is nothing if not determined, and the sports star is putting all of his considerable focus into saving his marriage, and his career. An insider tells BettyConfidential that Tiger has formulated a six-month plan to repair his shattered relationship with his wife, and return to the PGA tour.

The couple — whose marriage was derailed amid sordid tales of his dalliances with 14 different women — is working on repairing their relationship while the 34-year-old is in sex rehab in Mississippi. Friends of the super couple say Elin, 30, agreed to give Tiger a chance to prove he can recover and be a better family man, and she recently visited him at the clinic where he is seeking treatment.

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“Tiger was almost in a state of shock when the reports of his affairs were exposed,” the insider says. “He never planned for any of it to happen and now he is trying to take responsibility for his actions. He has apologized sincerely to Elin and promised to get help for his addiction. He’s committed to trying to save his marriage and keep his family together.”

Tiger Woods and Elin

The insider says Tiger has come up with a six-month makeover plan to get his life back on track and eventually back to the game of golf. And the first thing on his list is to get his wife to forgive him. It would appear he has powerful powers of persuasion, as RadarOnline is reporting  that Elin has called off their divorce.

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“Elin does not want to get a divorce, but she can never go back into a relationship with Tiger until he proves himself to be worthy of her trust again,” our source says. “She visited him in rehab last week and took part in family counseling sessions. They will be taking the recovery very slow and Elin will be monitoring Tiger. She has no plan to move back into their home until she decides it feels right.”

 For his part, Tiger is eager to make up to her for his past transgressions and will do whatever he can to make her happy. “Tiger loves Elin and misses the children [Sam and Charlie],” the insider says. “He needs all three of them in his life. When he returns to golf, he wants to do it with his family by his side. His goal is to be back on the greens this summer.”

 Magazine and newspaper reporter Kelly Will has written celebrity columns for the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/misswill.

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0 thoughts on “Tiger Woods' 6-Month Plan to Save His Marriage

  1. A “state of shock” when his affairs were reported? Honestly? What kind of a moron is he? I don’t understand why Elin wants anything to do with him. Take the money and run, girl!

  2. It’s a known fact – either a man is the type to cheat or not. The ones who are the type to cheat, once they do it to a woman, they will do it again to that woman. It has something to do with how he feels about the woman he is committed to. Something is missing. A cheater may cheat on one woman and never cheat on a new woman. It all depends on the relationship but all the articles and books I’ve read said once they cheat on YOU, and you let them do it and go back to them, you’re just asking to be cheated on again. So, she DOES need to take the money and run. Forgive him? Yes. But just because you forgive someone for hitting you doesn’t mean you stand there and let them beat you to death.

  3. He is disgusting. Want to save his marriage and career. Please! Save his career and endorsements. He has a God complex even in the midst of being in rehab!! Hint hint.. it won’t work. He can cheat on his wife, and cheat on the trollops with other trollops… then fix it all in 6 months? He is not learning anything. He wants to be back on top as the golden boy. That’s all. Like he told one/all of his trollops.. he didn’t marry for love, but a wife and children increases his appeal and endorsements. He is a pig.

  4. Y’all need to get into therapy for your past relationships. You are still carrying bitterness from the past. “Be careful how you measure, for with what measure you measure, it shall be measured back to you”.
    If Elin and Almighty God are willing to forgive Tiger Woods and give him a second chance, who are you to say nay? Tiger seems to want to repent and make amends and Elin is willing to give him that chance and prove himself. Perhaps for the sake of the children. The only bad attitude I see here is yours. Jesus Christ died for the unrighteous. Paid, paid, fully paid.

  5. I agree with V65Magna1. People are capable of change — we have free will and if there’s enough motivation (keeping the people you love around you), one can do it.

    As for the other gals, you need to have more faith in your own will power. If you believe no one is capable of change, maybe it is because you have not found your own strength to make changes in your life. Personally, I can say that this is one of the greatest joys one can have — having the power to control for your actions and choosing to exercise that power. It might have not happened for Tiger so far, but it’s never too late.

    You say “once a cheater — always a cheater”. Do you really believe that to be true? How about food adictions, chemical addictions, and so on?

  6. I didn’t say “once a cheater, always a cheater” – I said if a man or woman cheats on a certain person and they get away with it and that person takes him or her back, all the books and articles I’ve read say, most likely it will happen again because of something missing in that particular relationship. Tiger may marry someone again down the road and NEVER cheat but he is obviously not getting fulfilled by his marriage to Elin or he wouldn’t have cheated. Although, in my opinion, most people don’t change much. They may change a little bit but their base – their main morals, values and personality just doesn’t ever change that much. I have a sister who was a hellion before she professed back into my parents’ religion. She tries a little harder to get along with her family and others UNTIL you do something to make her mad which is usually something small like turning her down for lunch or something and then you see the same ol’ hellion come out. All I’m saying is, even if he DIDN”T cheat on Elin ever again, he would still WANT to cheat and be lusting after every bodacious woman he met and if I were Elin, I’d want a totally different man to start over fresh with. It is true that most of the time a man is either the type to cheat or not. It would have been different if Tiger had been out one night and slipped up and after too many drinks, had sex with another woman but he did it SEVERAL times which shows that he has no real respect for his wife or her feelings.

  7. and what if the wife does not adhere to your 6-month deadline? Why are you putting a deadline at all? Why not allow your wife to take you back when she is ready? You cannot control trust the way you do a slice.

  8. The sad part is that many men are so self centered they don’t think it is wrong to have sex with any woman that offers it to them, and that they believe they can’t control the urges once the hormones start raging and they take any sex that is offered to them.

  9. I think all men have the capability of cheating. Some are just stronger than others in morals and values. That’s what in my opinion makes a real man. One that has control over himself. I think there were other issues that Tiger has had to deal with such as the death of his father which put him over the edge. Sometimes, not always but sometimes terrible things happen for a reason. If he were with one woman in a relationship, then I think that would be more reason for Elin to be angry and hurt. How much could he have possibly cared or respected those women he was with? They all claimed they believe he loved them. If anyone should be embarrassed it should be those women who knew he was married and yet messed with him and still believed he loved them. What a bunch of idiots!

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