Staying at Home Doesn't Always Mean Staying at Home

Even moms have to get out once in a while!
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 Staying at Home Doesn’t Always Mean Staying at Home

Even moms have to get out once in a while!

-Casey K,

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Here are a few signs that you’re ready to enlist the help of a trusted babysitter and do something on your own:

1. When you run out of milk, you consider adding breast milk to your coffee. It’s easier than putting on mascara and lugging the car seat through the grocery store.

2. When your husband asks you how your day went, you respond by telling him what’s new with Nicole and EJ on Days of Our Lives.

3. You can’t wait for the baby to take a nap so that you can get back on the Baby Center discussion forums to find out what Luvmykids76 is going to do about her oldest son’s potty training problems.

Sometimes, even devoted stay-at-home moms need to get a life.

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At the beginning of my pregnancy, I asked a coworker how she felt the first day she dropped her son off at daycare. “It was hard, but I don’t know,” she said. “You just get over it.”

You just get over it? This was the same advice my husband gave me the first time we took the dog to a kennel before a vacation. This was the same advice my girlfriends gave me when I broke up with my lame (but cute!) college boyfriend who always seemed to need my help writing papers. When my coworker said this to me, Paul was still the size of a kidney bean, but just getting over it didn’t sound like an option. The teacher-to-infant ratio never seemed to add up in my head. If there are two teachers and three crying babies, who has to wait? An infant shouldn’t have to learn how to jockey for position.

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