Tom Cruise's Daughter Wants to Act

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's teenage daughter, Isabella, can't wait to follow her parents (and little brother) into showbiz.
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Tom Cruise’s Daughter Wants to Act

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s teenage daughter, Isabella, can’t wait to follow her parents (and little brother) into showbiz.

-Kelly Will

Tom Cruise and kids

Look out Rumer Willis – it seems you have some new female celeb-spawn competition! Katie Holmes told friends this week that there will soon be another actor in the Cruise family — Tom’s teenage daughter, Isabella.

“Katie is excited for Bella [Tom’s adopted daughter with Nicole Kidman],” an insider tells BettyConfidential. “She is being home-schooled and graduates from high school in a few weeks. Katie says she is very talented and loves to sing and dance.”

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Seventeen-year-old Isabella’s little brother, Connor, 15, has already launched his acting career, playing a young Will Smith in the movie Seven Pounds, and he recently finished filming the remake of the 1984 action flick Red Dawn (which is due out at the end of the year).

Nicole Kidman and kids

While Connor is following in his action hero dad’s footsteps, Isabella seems to be taking after her mom, Nicole (who most recently starred in the big screen adaptation of the musical Nine), and is looking at combining her love of acting and singing. “A musical and acting career is just around the corner for her,” the insider says. “She definitely has the skills for it and Tom and Katie are very supportive of her choices. They will enroll her in classes and workshops, whatever she wants to do when she graduates.”

Tom has said in the past that he wouldn’t push his kids into showbiz, but he confessed that he was proud when he took Connor to his first audition.

“I will never put pressure on him,” Tom said of his only son last year. “Who knows what he’s going to do? But driving him to the audition for his first film role was a great father-son moment.”

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  1. I just don’t get why some people are born with good looks, with loving parents, talent, etc.etc. and some aren’t. Why does it seem like God is partial? Why even allow babies to be born into poverty to dysfunctional parents? Is it just entertainment to God to watch some of us suffer? I don’t even go to movies anymore because I refuse to make these people any richer than they already are. If my quality of life doesn’t get any better soon, I’m going to just start praying for the end of time to come. It just seems so unfair when I work so hard every day and constantly get disappointed by hardship. One thing I look forward to after death is to meet God and ask him ALOT of questions.

  2. Those kids would be like me ,a common person if Tom&Nichole had passed them by..Today common people have it tough,but there help out there.I’ve been laid off from work.I will be the first to say,”I hit the unemployment line,draw food stamps,and whatever help I can get until I can go back to work…It tough but I am HAPPY….

  3. @ Beck3128- Honey you have to talk to someone. There is a lot more to life than the material and outer beauty. Have you ever considered the hardships that their fame, fortune and beauty may have brought them that you don’t have to worry about? Instead, focus on the pleasures of life that are put there for everyone to enjoy equally. Love, sunshine, pretty pictures. Look outside of yourself and realize we are all connected.

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  5. I’m happy for the girl.
    Yes, life is tough, Beck3128. But if you keep being your best, doing what’s right, you’ll rise above poverty and tough situations. You say that you want to see God and ask him questions. But have you thought what you’d tell him when you get there? Will you say “I spent my time being jealous and angry” or will you say “I did my best, and I was happy for other people’s success.”
    I want to encourage you to keep doing your best. You can still win with the hand that you’ve been dealt! Try to be less critical. Instead look for the good things, and they’ll multiply in your life.

  6. # 3 becky3128 I like this thought= May the road rise to meet you..May the wind be always at your back..May the sunshine warm upon your face;The rain fall soft upon your fields,And until we meet again May God hold you in the hollow of his hand…

  7. Becky3128 I start my day off thanking god for what he has given me.I live that day doing all the things that make me happy and try to help the ones less fortanate.I love helping people that are in need and pray with and for them.Thats a great reward for me.may your day be good and happy……God bless.

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