Too Fat to Graduate? College Adds BMI Requirement

Students are furious over weight constraint.

Too Fat to Graduate? College Adds BMI Requirement

Students are furious over Lincoln University’s weight constraint.

-Carolyn French

Person standing on a weight scale

First-year students at Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University will need to keep their body mass index below 30 if they have any hopes of graduating.

If pupils who arrive on campus do not fit the bill, they can participate in a one-unit course dubbed “Fitness for Life” which includes Pilates exercises and fitness games.

“The point is to keep students healthy” James L. DeBoy, chair of Lincoln’s department of health, physical education and recreation, explained.

Sophomore Lousie Kaddie summed up students’ reactions in the school newspaper, The Lincolnian:

“It’s not up to Lincoln to tell me how much my BMI should be,” she declared. “I came here to get a degree, and that’s what the administration should be concerned with. (Lemon Drop)

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0 thoughts on “Too Fat to Graduate? College Adds BMI Requirement

  1. It continues to amaze me how many people think fat is always a choice. Don’t they realize the enormous social pressure, not to mention the physical discomfort and ill health, are constant deterants that don’t seem to work. So now denying them an education so they can live poorer and die younger, this is what a sane society does? Maybe we should deny degrees for the narrow minded and those lacking in compassion. It might serve a more humane purpose.

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