Too Many Wrinkles

An older woman seeks advice about how to rid herself of wrinkles.

Beauty Queen

The Wrinkle Factor

Dear Beauty Queen: Wrinkles!! I am only 53, but in the last four years wrinkles have cropped up over my lip. Any suggestions? And is mineral makeup good?

Beauty Queen: Don’t fret, there’s plenty you can do for those lines around the mouth. In terms of skincare, I love Spiff Upper Lip from Bliss. It tackles those vertical lip lines, lightens any dark discoloration you may have, and even slows the growth of hair because unfortunately, often times we get a moustache as the years march on. If you’re so distressed by these wrinkles that you’re willing to seek medical intervention, your dermatologist or plastic surgeon has a number of fixes at his or her disposal. These may include peels and lasers that eliminate the lines for the long term and injectables that fill them instantly for a few months, and a conversation with your doctor can help identify the best option for you.

And yes, mineral makeup is fabulous. It has a magical soft-focus effect thanks to the minerals, but just be sure to use a primer to prevent the powder from settling into lines and crevices. Colorescience Line Tamer is great because it primes and perfects your skin at the same time.

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