Top 10 Celebrity Pickup Lines

The worst wooing moments in celebrity history.
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3. Bruce Willis says that in his swinging bachelor days, he used to work this pickup line smoothly into casual conversation:

“Hey … what are you doing for sex later?”
Bruce Willis via Access Hollywood.

Bruce Willis

4. Lovely Reesie, meter maid? Not so much.

”A guy once told me he’d get me out of my parking tickets if I went on a date with him. I thought about it for two seconds, then went, ‘Nah.”’ Two whole seconds Reese, really?
Reese Witherspoon, via Entertainment Weekly.

Reese Witherspoon

5. Turns out dreamboat Robert Pattinson used to have quite the naughty mouth when it came to luring in the ladies. In his pre-Twilight days, Robert apparently approached an L.A. lady and her private bits with the following zinger:

“If I could, I’d have a ___ on the inside of my elbow so I could lick it all day long.” Fun times with fill in the blanks!

According to an insider, the girl in question “just stared at him, blankly.”
Robert Pattinson, via the New York Daily News.

Robert Pattinson

6. R. Kelly creeping anywhere near the ladies gives us the willies, but this pickup line he dropped at a London club makes us truly ill.

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0 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrity Pickup Lines

  1. FBNYC says:

    Ha! The Bruce Willis one is hilarious! I think I’d spit up my drink if someone were to ever ask me that!

  2. kisskiss says:

    Ew Robert Pattinson, really?

  3. swtchks00 says:

    hahaha this is amusing!

  4. rose07 says:

    I bet celebs can get away with any pick up line

  5. Shanece says:

    Robert Pattinson can say almost anything he wants to me hahahahaha

  6. Fern says:

    I think both Bruce Willis and Robert Pattinson would have gotten me in bed with those lines! (On separate nights…I think.)

  7. blondeelicious says:

    I like John Leguizamo’s the most and Tom Cruise’s the least! I mean Tom, what happened to courtship??

  8. buffyanne02 says:

    Love Robert Pattinson, but I think I might have thrown up in my mouth a little bit.

  9. Nikkz915 says:

    Hahaha I love John Leguizamo :) And Robert Pattinson could say anything to me hahaha.

  10. justanothergirl says:

    Worst pick up line? geez..

    - “hi.. i lost the keys to my apartment.. i guess you’ll be taking me home to yours then..”

    Cheeky man ei?

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