10 Signs Your Guy is in a Bromance

How to tell if your man is going mano a mano.
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10 Signs Your Guy is in a Bromance

How to tell if your man is going mano a mano.

-Carrie Seim

Two male friends

As Betty has reported before, 2009 is the year of the bromance. Straight men are suddenly into dude-mance like no buddy’s business. They’re popping up everywhere – from the hilarious hit movie I Love You, Man to the crappy MTV reality show Bromance.

I’ve witnessed my fair share of real-life bromances, and they all embody the paradox of being TOTALLY gay without actually being gay. Most of this bi-buddy-curious behavior is excused as jest, but in truth, some men can’t get enough of hanging out and doing dumb things together – i.e., bromancing their boy.

Here are 10 signs your guy is in the throes of bromance:

1. He has a special ringtone for his best bro. And it sounds a little something like this.

2. He and his buddy have spent six months planning a “couples” costume for Halloween. Possibly Bo & Luke Duke. Probably Jon & Kate Gosselin.

3. When he goes to the doctor, he lists his bromate as his emergency contact. Ostensibly because he “doesn’t want to worry you.” Truthfully because he loves an excuse to hug it out with his best pal.

4. His Netflix cue includes only four films: I Love You, Man; Batman & Robin; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; and I Love You, Man.

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  1. 11. He speaks in a completely different language when in broman mode that only he and his BFF can decipher. When you ask him what the hell he’s saying, he replies, “you wouldn’t understand.”

    Love this article!

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