Betty on The News: Barack Obama, recession-friendly designer duds, and more

The top news stories for June 18, 2009

Betty on the News

Betty on The News: Top Stories

Barack Obama angers PETA, why you should cook your carrots whole, and more …

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Bill and Hillary Clinton1. Hillary Clinton is presently making the rounds with a fractured elbow, while hubby Bill is in denial mode yet again. Shades of Monica-gate: “I did not get a lap dance from that woman.” Doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? The former president allegedly enjoyed a steamy lap-dance during his recent trip to Buenos Aires. Talk to a spokesperson however, and they’ll calmly state that Billy was “playing cards” at his posh suite all evening. Playing cards eh? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Well, as long as he wasn’t smoking any cigars … (

Kimberley Vlaeminck2. When you wish upon a star … this happens! An 18-year-old Belgian girl, Kimberley Vlaeminck, fancied the idea of having three miniature stars creeping across her forehead, but it didn’t quite work out. The teen sauntered into a tattoo parlor and discussed her body modification of choice with artist Rouslan Toumaniantz just before hopping up onto the chair. Apparently it’s easier to fall asleep while getting inked than one would assume, as Vlaeminck did just that. She eventually awoke in pain around the time when her nose was being tattooed. The poor girl later walked out of the parlor with 56 starry decorations. Huh … there can only be two possibilities here: Either she suffers from an extreme case of Narcolepsy, or she had one heck of a cocktail in advance. (

3. Stop the presses — a maddening insect has been snuffed out before its time! PETA has a spankin’ new target thanks to President Barack Obama, who angered the animal rights organization during his interview with NBC‘s John Harwood. Like any other sane human being, Barack continued to swat at a fly that kept circling his head before finally putting an end to the nuisance once and for all. After witnessing the atrocity PETA released the following statement:

“He isn’t the Buddha, he’s a human being and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act.”

It was a freaking fly … perhaps PETA should think before they send out stupid statements. (TMZ)

4. Looking to be lazy this summer? Then you’re in luck, as a new study by researchers at the University of Newcastle have found that chopping up carrots prior to boiling them is a no-no. The tasty veggie conserves 25 percent more of its cancer-fighting goodness (a compound called falcarinol) when left whole. We’re certainly not complaining, why chop when you could be watching the latest installment of Real Housewives? (The Independent)

sketch of a Jimmy Choo shoe5. Recessionistas start your engines! Carrie Bradshaw‘s beloved footwear designer Jimmy Choo is joining forces with budget retailer H&M for a new collection launching November 14. Gorgeous shoes, mouth-watering fabrics and eye-catching accessories all at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for? (

6. While perusing the Internet on June 7, a mother of a murder victim was introduced to the second biggest shock of her life: The ‘Murderabilia‘ phenomenon. Wendy Lavin, who lost her daughter Jennifer Still in the summer of 1999, discovered that envelopes and letters belonging to Jennifer’s killer were being sold for $20 on So what exactly is murderabilia? The grotesque term refers to nail clippings, autographs, hair, drawings, and more that interested parties can purchase over the ‘net.

Andy Kahan, director of the crime victims division of the Houston mayor’s office, plans to lobby to get a federal law passed called “Notoriety for Profit Law,” which would then “prohibit criminals from selling murderabilia through third parties on the Web.” The first question that comes to mind after learning of this bizarre practice is, who are these people?? (

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0 thoughts on “Betty on The News: Barack Obama, recession-friendly designer duds, and more

  1. I have several tattoo’s and I cannot imagine being able to sleep through them, much less on a sensitive area like the face. I could take sleeping pills and still wouldn’t be able to sleep through it. Did anyone check her blood for narcotics? She is lying. Mom and Dad probably got mad so she fabricated a little story. She wanted them, she got them. Be careful what you wish for.

  2. I’m also super excited for Choo and H&M….dream come true!

    About that Obama flyswatting scenario….I think PETA needs to pick their battles a bit more wisely!

  3. I think Kimberley Vlaeminck is lying. I mean how can the the tattoo artist confuse 3 for 56?!?!? that’s a big difference

    My heart just skipped a beat and somersaulted. Jimmy Choo and H&M together! Ahhh un-fricken believable. I must have died and gone to heaven haha

  4. Jimmy Choose: What more could I ask for? How about smaller sizes? Am I the only one ordering over-priced shoes from Cinderella of Boston? Tats: must have been those Xanax she popped before walking in…

  5. i’m not sure how anyone could sleep through the pain of getting your FACE tattooed, def. suspicious! She probably just regrets the decision, how can a tattoo artist misunderstand the number 3 for 56??

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