Betty on the News: Bride Disappears Before Wedding

The search continues for Annie Marie Le

Betty on the News: Bride Disappears Before Wedding

The search continues for Annie Marie Le

-Carolyn French

Annie Marie Le and Jon WidawskyPicture this: You’re less than a week away from tying the knot with your longtime lover, and she vanishes without a trace.

That is the nightmare that Columbia University grad student Jon Widawsky is living with. On Tuesday 4-foot-10, 90-pound doctoral student Annie Marie Le disappeared after security cameras noticed her entering a Yale research facility in New Haven at roughly 10 p.m.

Annie was known to visit the building at odd hours in order to conduct experiments, so at first nothing seemed out of place. But when her fiancé, Jon, couldn’t get hold of her on Tuesday night, he began to panic.

“He was on the next train to New Haven,” Jon’s roommate, Dory Kramer, stated. “He was very distraught. He was worried. The timing is terribly cruel.”

Kramer doesn’t accept the notion that Annie got cold feet and opted to flee, as she had ditched her purse, cell phone and credit cards in another building three blocks away. Moreover, Kramer says the young woman was “very goal-oriented, organized and planned,” and was “really excited about the wedding,” which was set for Sunday.

On Thursday authorities used bloodhounds to scour the Amistad building, where Annie was last seen.

The footage from the security cameras does not show her exiting the building, and Yale spokesman Tom Conroy noted that “there’s no evidence” of foul play “at this time.”

In a separate interview with Fox 5 News, Annie’s friend Xiao Hung described a terrifying incident that happened near the Amistad building not long before her disappearance. The 24-year-old student “had been approached by other people and she managed to get in the car and escape from that incident.” (The New York Post)

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