Betty on the News: Jaycee Dugard Tells Family: I'm So Happy

Jaycee Dugard is at peace.

Betty on the News: Jaycee Dugard Tells Family: I’m So Happy

The 29-year-old kidnap victim is at peace

-Carolyn French

Jaycee Lee DugardOn August 17 Jaycee Dugard’s family flew to Northern California to reunite with the young woman whom they had not seen for almost two decades. The past couple of weeks have been a mixture of heartache and happiness, but Jaycee’s aunt tells People that above all the family is overjoyed to be together once again.

Tina Dugard described the moment when she was reunited with her niece as being “the best feeling in the world,” and went on to express her sympathy for certain families who never get to experience that sensation.

“I wish that for every parent out there who has lost a child,” Tina, 42, stated. “I truly with all my heart wish they have the same joy that I have experienced and that my family has experienced. I want to hold out hope for everybody’s babies now.”

After Jaycee’s kidnappers – Philip and Nancy Garrido – were arrested, Tina says that she spent five days with her niece and various family members, at which point Jaycee communicated how she was feeling.

“She said one day to me, while we were sitting: ‘I’m so happy. I feel so happy,’” Tina revealed. “That is a message of hope for many people.” (People)

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