Betty on the News: Karl Lagerfeld Slams Curvy Women

The prominent designer makes Ralph Lauren look good with disrespectful new comment.

Betty on the News: Karl Lagerfeld Slams Curvy Women

The prominent designer makes Ralph Lauren look good with highly disrespectful new comment.

-Carolyn French

Karl Lagerfeld

Weight, weight, weight. You’re either too skinny or too fat or too “toned” … is anyone else getting tired of all the bony vs. curvy talk?

Those in the fashion industry are busy taking sides in the ongoing “real women” debate, with designer Mark Frost choosing to use “regular” ladies in his London Runway show and top German fashion magazine Brigitte deciding to no longer hire professional models.

And while the majority of designers are on board with the healthy look, Chanel hotshot Karl Lagerfeld is not.

“Fat mummies sit there in front of the television with their chip packets and say skinny models are ugly,” he stated.

What’s more, he added that the fashion world is about “dreams and illusions” and therefore “no one wants to see curvy women,” as it’s realistic.

Karl better hire a bevy of bodyguards after real women get a load of this … (

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0 thoughts on “Betty on the News: Karl Lagerfeld Slams Curvy Women

  1. Snarky comment alert:
    Amazing isn’t it…that a man that looks like a ‘butch Carol Channing’ (with inflated lips, to boot!) has no problem criticizing real women ? After all the models are an illusion, his own words.

  2. It is amazing! Look at him, if a man wants to comment on someone he should at least #1 make real clothes (not runway crap no one buys) #2 be somewhat attractive. The bloated ego and self love this man has is just ridiculous.

  3. @amber_gurl: Self-love? I think it’s more like self-loathing. Karl was rather curvy himself until only a few years ago. He went on a strict diet and lost a lot of weight (close to 100 pounds, I think). Run a google search for images of him from 1995-2000 and you’ll see what I mean…there are plenty of images of his former self around. I think he can’t bear the sight of heavier people (a.k.a. anyone heavier than him) because they remind him of his old body, which I suppose he hated (though he looked so happy at the time!). If you read into the background of a certain fashion editor, you may find something similar… : )

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