Betty on the News: Why She Lied: Motive Behind Student's Claim of Rape

Danmell Ndonye's boyfriend exposes the truth

Betty on the News: Why She Lied: Motive Behind Student’s Claim of Rape

Danmell Ndonye’s boyfriend exposes the truth

-Carolyn French

Danmell NdonyeThe boyfriend of Danmell Ndonye, the woman who told authorities that she was gang raped by five guys on Sunday in a men’s room at Hofstra University, has revealed why his girlfriend had spun such a horrible tale.

On Thursday the young lady’s beau told The Post that he and Danmell had been partying at the Alpha Kappa Alpha mixer at an on-campus club Sunday, when they got separated after a brawl broke out.

Because the boyfriend was unable to reach her over the phone, he headed up to her dorm room at Estabrook Hall. Just as he was about to leave she appeared, clutching her shoes in her hands. Danmell claimed that nothing unusual had happened, but after being grilled for several minutes she finally said that she had been raped.

“It didn’t seem real to me. She was calm,” the beau said. “Then she started crying and saying, ‘I was raped.’ She lied to me. I think she was embarrassed. I said to her, ‘You have to call public safety.’ She hesitated. It seemed like she didn’t want to.”

The woman then attempted to shrug the incident off, which infuriated her boyfriend. “How could it be OK that you just got raped?” he had stammered.

Danmell gave in, and contacted the authorities. Four men were cornered and arrested, and were only freed on Wednesday after one of the suspect’s cousins told police that the fifth man had a video of the sexual encounter which would prove their innocence.

When the cops asked Danmell about it, she confessed to having lied. “The young woman admitted that all of the encounters with the young men were consensual,” Nassau DA Kathleen Rice stated. “A crime did not happen last Sunday at Hofstra.”

Two of the men are considering filing a lawsuit, though one of them, Stalin Felipe, says he would be willing to forgive Danmell for the outrageous lie. (The New York Post)

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