Betty on the News: Obama to Address Congress Tonight on Healthcare

Will Obama's speech help put Americans at ease?

Betty on the News: Obama to Address Congress Tonight on Healthcare

Will Obama’s speech help put Americans at ease?

-Carolyn French

Barack ObamaFollowing endless reports that claim he is falling down on the job when it comes to healthcare, President Barack Obama is to deliver a speech this evening that will supposedly put an end to worries surrounding the nation’s leading issue.

During an interview Wednesday with CNN’s American Morning, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that Obama plans to focus his energies on creating stability for those who have healthcare coverage and ways for those without it to acquire it.

“They will know the plan provides safety, security and stability to the millions of people that have health insurance each and every day, but watching their premiums skyrocket and double,” Gibbs said.

“Secondly, for those who don’t have health insurance, but need affordable coverage, he will lay out a plan for how people can get that as well,” he added. “He’ll talk about the cost on government and why we can’t afford to wait longer. We have to act now.”

The White House representative is well aware of the current criticism surrounding Obama, and he has no doubt that tonight’s speech will help to turn that around.

“I think people will walk away knowing where the president is,” Gibbs concluded. “We’re not going to send up to Congress 1,300 pages of legalese. What the president is going to do is refocus the effort and make sure people know what’s in health care reform for them.” (

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