Top 5 Picks: Anne Hathaway Post-Breakup

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Anne Hathaway discusses her breakup

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Anne Hathaway1. Saying goodbye to a lover of five years is never easy, but Anne Hathaway is handling her split from Raffaello Follieri surprisingly well. In Vogue‘s January issue, the starlet reveals that she knew things were taking a turn for the worse ages before the money-laundering Italian was tossed in the clink.

“I was a 21-year-old kid when I met him,” Anne clarified. “It wasn’t a huge, dramatic breakup. We were in the process of winding it down when he was arrested. I don’t talk about this, except when I’m asked. It’s not a part of my life anymore.” Hathaway has been spending her days promoting her latest flicks – Rachel Getting Married and the forthcoming Bride Wars – while listening to plenty of Death Cab for Cutie. FYI: Perfect post-breakup tunage! (Accesshollywood)

2. Did they, or didn’t they? Though a preview clip of The Hills finale shows Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt officially tying-the-knot in a Beverly Hills courthouse, the couple may be taking us for a ride. Sid Keating of the L.A. Registrar’s office maintains that there is no record of any marriage license for Spiedi at this time. However, newlyweds can opt to keep their license private. Oooh the suspense is killing us!! (People)

3. Gee, let’s hope her rumored BF doesn’t read this! Lauren Conrad is supposedly stumped when it comes to WHO she will lock lips with come December 31. When quizzed on the matter, she bashfully replied “I don’t know who my New Year’s kiss will be!” and then added that “everything’s great” between her and the alleged boy-toy Kyle Howard. Maybe she hasn’t connected the dots quite yet? (E! Online)

4. It was reported Monday that Guy Ritchie was to receive at least $76 million in his divorce settlement, but apparently everyone and their uncle was wrong! “Inaccurate” is how Madge and Guy classified the outrageous sum on Wednesday, yet they refuse to let slip the accurate figure. Aw, c’mon! (AFP)

5. Ummm … it must have gotten lost in the mail? Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a “bone to pick” about not getting invited to any of the White House Christmas parties and she let the world know. Yesterday on The View Elisabeth sparred with Melissa Etheridge about Prop 8 and also took a moment to complain she hadn’t received her White House invite. Poor Elisabeth — you’d think the Bushes would be happy someone in Hollywood wants to come to their party … and actually, they were. Elisabeth got a call after the show with a royal apology and, you guessed it, an invite.


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