Top 5 Picks: Britney Spears Looks Healthy

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Britney Spears finally looks healthy, Chris Brown heads to court, and more!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Britney Spears1. She’s finally healthy, ya’ll! Britney Spears went from a pin-thin jailbait schoolgirl, to a Taco Bell gorging ex-wifey, to a happy and able-bodied comeback queen. She looks like a million bucks, and she’s worked her buns off for it … naysayers should go jump in a lake. (Daily Mail)

2. Chris Brown is heading to a Los Angeles court today to provide his side of the February 8th brawl that left Rihanna with bite marks, bruises, and a bloody nose. The question on everyone’s mind is: Will he soon find himself in a state prison, or in a comfy mansion with a tracking device strapped to his slimy ankle? (

3. She recently stated that she would love to try a “bad girl” or “complicated girl” role someday, but for now she’s playing a quirky lass with a love for Jamaican hair beads! Katie Holmes’ new movie The Extra Man must have an incredibly random storyline – remember those shots of her crying in the street, looking like a lame version of Angelina Jolie in The Changeling? (Gossip Girls)

Katie Holmes in 'The Extra Man' Katie Holmes in 'The Extra Man'

4. He refuses to comment on the state of their relationship, but is fine with dishing out $10,000 for a puppy? Paris Hilton’s rumored beau Doug Reinhardt reportedly bought the heiress a teacup Pomeranian while in Tokyo last week. Doesn’t she already own about 75 yappy mutts by now? (

5. If teenage geeks weren’t salivating before, then this will certainly do the trick. Actress/model Megan Fox – who is thought to be joining the cast of Jonah Hex – has signed on to star in Fathom, a graphic novel adaptation that requires Megan to strip down to play an Aqua Woman type of character. Sounds like just another dumb flick for our boyfriends to drag us to. (Splash Page)

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