Top 5 Picks: Cindy Crawford Bans 'Hannah Montana'

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Cindy Crawford bans daughter from seeing 'Hannah Montana.'

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Cindy Crawford1.Miley Cyrus may cause young (and old, ewww) boys to fall to their knees and young girls to scream their little pig-tailed heads off but one mother has a bit of a beef with the singer/starlet. Cindy Crawford has officially banned her seven-year-old daughter Kaya from watching Hannah Montana. Why? Because she claims that the program causes her child to talk back.

“I love Hannah Montana, but she (daughter) learns to be sassy from that show,” Crawford stated. “I’ll say to her, ‘I don’t let anyone talk to me like that. I’ll certainly not take it from a seven year old, in my own house.'”

Word to the wise Disney: You may want to revise Miley’s material before other millionare mamas decide to pull the plug.
(Daily Star)

2. Slippers and PJs fanatic Michael Jackson has enjoyed the comfort of Bel Air so much that he recently signed a yearlong lease on a mansion. The musician’s new estate – which he took for a test drive for nearly a month before deciding to stay – is a “little bit more than an average home,” according to spokesman Tohme Tohme. Really now … you mean not everyone has 12 fireplaces, seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms? (omg!)

3. The Notebook hottie Ryan Gosling was nice enough to lend his baby sister Mandi his SUV yesterday afternoon, and some vulgar vandal had to go and smash the passenger side window. Hey, if Ryan needs a hug or two we would be MORE than happy to oblige! (Just Jared

4. Looking forward to another tantalizing round of Celebrity Apprentice? Donald Trump’s mega hit show is making a swift return on March 1 and the lineup of competing stars has just filtered in. We won’t keep you in suspense any longer … among the celeb squad is Joan and Melissa Rivers, Khloe Kardashian, Jesse James, Dennis Rodman, Tom Green and more. Let’s get ready to rummmmble. (

5. Since surviving a fatal plane crash back in September, Travis Barker and Nicole Richie’s ex DJ AM have not been able to perform their DJ and drum set – called TRVSDJAM – until Wednesday evening. The two drove from LA to Las Vegas and brought down the house at LAX Nightclub. Welcome back boys! (People)

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