Top 5 Picks: George Clooney Up for Adoption?

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: George Clooney wants to be adopted?

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

George Clooney1. Aww someone’s getting lonely! Renowned bachelor George Clooney wants – and always has wanted – to be adopted. During a Newseum event in Washington, D.C., the star joked with his father Nick and legendary journalist Bill Small about the idea, adding:

“Will you [Bill] adopt me? I’m very wealthy. I’ll take care of you…I always wanted to be adopted, couldn’t find anyone.”

How ‘bout it gals? (

2. Actions definitely speak louder than words. David Beckham has been sued by a paparazzo – Emicles Da Mata – who was beaten by the soccer stud’s bodyguard in December. The shutterbug had decided to follow behind David while out and about one afternoon, and wound up with his camera in the garbage and his noggin throbbing. That’s why you don’t mess with the Becks, buddy. (E! Online)

3. Who chats “all the time” with his ex? Billy Bob Thornton, apparently. The skuzzy actor/musician that showed us an entirely different side to one Miss Angelina Jolie claims to be on excellent terms with the mother of six. We wouldn’t hold our breath, but Billy Bob hopes to work with Angie again, “one of these days.” Yeah, maybe after the next millennium. (Omg!)

4. Backstreet Boy AJ McLean may have fallen off the wagon once again, according to onlookers at the Key Club who supposedly saw the twice-rehabbed singer indulging in liquor and beer. He had reportedly been sober for six solid years in 2008; we sure hope he seeks proper treatment. (TMZ)

5. Donny Osmond let the cat out of the bag during his appearance with Marie on The Bonnie Hunt Show, which airs next Tuesday. He will be appearing on the forthcoming Dancing with the Stars, and is said to be a little nervous about Marie upstaging him. Marie’s reaction to the future performance? “I just want to see him in stretchy pants.” Playful sibling rivalry, anyone? (

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