Top 5 Picks: Gwyneth Paltrow Defends

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Gwyneth Paltrow defends

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Gwyneth Paltrow1. If you don’t fancy Gwyneth Paltrow’s “nourish the inner aspect” Web site, then apparently you’re a moron. The actress is irritated by the harsh criticism has received, and on Wednesday she spoke frankly about her feelings on the matter:

“I think the people who are criticizing it or criticizing the idea of it, don’t really get it, because if they did, they would like it,” she snorted.

Right, because everything Gwynnie touches MUST turn to gold. Wasn’t she kind of asking for it with the slogan – “This is GOOP”? (People)

2. OK, he should not be in charge of anything even remotely related to fashion. K-Fed, or K-(well)Fed if you take a look at that tummy, is aspiring to break into the clothing line industry. He wants to design miniature garments for little ones that are both attractive, and reasonably priced. “You buy your kids a pair of True Religions then they roll around in the dirt like kids do and a $200 pair of jeans is gone,” he expressed to Women’s World Daily. But is anyone actually going to purchase outfits from a failed rapper who thinks wifebeater undershirts and saggy shorts are appropriate out-of-the-house attire? (Gossip Girls)

3. It may be the end of the line for The Hills, if Lauren Conrad is to be believed. The American television “personality” did however spin a similar tale during the fourth season of the reality hit, making it difficult to take her seriously.

“My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still a great thing,” she recently told Seventeen. “I always want to remember it that way. I gave MTV a deadline and said, ‘This is as long as I can do it and stay sane.'”

Yes because her character is so challenging. What does she think she’s going to do after dropping out of the show? And will anyone continue to watch if it’s solely Speidi drama? (E! Online)

4. Kanye West, famous for his foot-in-mouth disease, is reportedly dating a stripper. TMZ managed to obtain a photo of Ms. “Amber Rose” taken in a Philadelphia strip joint. It’s just one classy move after another. (TMZ)

Kanye West's girlfriend.

5. Holly Madison is officially done with Criss Angel, and is said to be “heartbroken” and “regretful” about how things transpired with her former Playboy sugar daddy. Got room for one more, Hef? (Omg!)

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