Top 5 Picks: Halle Berry's New Fragrance

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Halle Berry's debut fragrance!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Halle Berry1. She’ll soon be heading back to the silver screen in Who is Doris Payne, but for now you can check out the ads Halle Berry’s debut perfume, Halle by Halle Berry. And unlike Jenna Jameson’s Heartbreaker fragrance, we wouldn’t mind smelling like Halle! (People)

2. Charming, ripped, and 100 percent available! Mario Lopez is a bit like Ryan Seacrest, in that he is essentially married to his job, making it difficult to find love. Fortunately the Extra host doesn’t seem to mind: “I’m not really working on trying to find Ms. Right … “I’m kind of working on being Mr. Right, and it will happen.” A sweet hottie who can dance (remember the third season of Dancing with the Stars?) – we couldn’t possibly love this guy more. (Omg!)

3. Most of us are afraid of such things as public toilets (eww!) snakes, and enclosed spaces … not Pete Wentz. The Fall Out Boy bassist is absolutely positive that he will be gunned down at some point in his privileged little life. “I refuse to answer my front door because I’m convinced someone is going to murder me,” he says. Does anyone really care enough about the guyliner-enthusiast to take him out? (

4. We know Madonna exercises like a maniac and has a well-balanced diet, but is her remarkable appearance the result of a new procedure? Plastic surgeon Alex Karidis says it is very possible that Madge sought out a $6,000 treatment called a ‘ribbon lift’ just before the Oscars.

“[A tube-like device] is tunneled under the skin and has lots of tiny hooks that attach to the muscle and tissue,” Karidis explained after looking at photos of Madonna. “We then pull it upwards to lift the whole area. It doesn’t appear as if the ribbon has dissolved properly. However, she looks to have cleverly covered it with a loose hairstyle at the Oscars party.”

Is Madge just trying to keep up with her boy-toy’s youthful good looks? (Daily Mail)

Madonna Madonna

5. Jennifer Aniston is tired of playing the same “funny, quirky” pretty girl – she wants some action dagnabbit! The actress recently revealed a secret longing to Elle – she would love to be in the next James Bond flick. “Glamour. Daniel Craig. S**t-loads of fun,” Jen gushed. We hear ya sister! (Daily Mail)

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