Top 5 Picks: Did John Mayer Dump Jennifer Aniston?

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: John Mayer may have dumped Jennifer Aniston, Joaquin Phoenix attacks audience member, and more!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston1. Is it splitsville (AGAIN) for John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston? Friends are not exactly denying it, and one source close to the couple told E! Online – “He broke up with her when she got back from her European tour.” Word is that the romance crashed and burned sometime last week, which would make sense going by Jennifer’s latest interview:

“Who ever said that every relationship has to last forever? That’s hoping too much,” Aniston recently stated in the U.K. publication You.

At this point it seems as though the flip-flopping couple plays a round of darts every other day when it comes to their relationship … if it hits the bullseye they stick it out, if their aim is off it’s sayonara. (E! Online)

2. Does this guy ever tire of making a complete arse of himself? Joaquin Phoenix is at it once more, this time he went so far as to attack an audience member during last night’s Miami rap gig. “I’ve got millions of dollars in my f***ing bank account. What do you got?” The former actor snarled at a heckling spectator. Phoenix was then hauled away by security after leaping into the crowd. Check out the wacky yet disturbingly entertaining video here! (TMZ)

3. It was not as especially happy hump day for David Hasselhoff’s ex, Pamela Bach. The 46-year-old bombshell was detained for felony DUI in Los Angeles on Wednesday night and later threw down $100,000 to make bail. Guess the drinky drinky problem runs in the family. (People)

4. Like mother like … daughter-in-law? Kelly Reinhardt, the mama of Paris Hilton’s adorable boyfriend, could easily be the House of Wax star in another 10+ years! Well they do say men are fond of women who remind them of their mothers… (Daily Mail)

Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhardt, and Kelly Reinhardt

5. Britney Spears was reunited with her onetime BFF on Wednesday, and boy was she pleased! The singer discovered that Madonna decided to hit up her concert in NYC, as indicated by Brit’s Web site. To answer the question that is most likely on everyone’s mind: No they didn’t kiss! (

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