Top 5 Picks: Is it Over for Jen and John?

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Are John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston over (again)?

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston1. On-off-on-off-on … off? John Mayer’s light switch of a relationship with Jennifer Aniston looks to be teetering towards oblivion, if his latest PDA is anything to go by. Life & Style describes a recent incident that took place outside a bistro in Santa Monica, where John was seen getting hot and heavy with “a beautiful blond.” Either Aniston willingly keeps Mayer on a VERY long leash, or he’s a double-crossing scoundrel. Our money is on the latter. (Celebitchy)

2. First her precious hubby wants a divorce, then her house gets robbed; what a year for Amy Winehouse. Because the singer has been vacationing in the Caribbean for the past month, her north London pad was left unattended and therefore vulnerable to the dregs of society. Neighbors, who happened to see the burglars making their way into the lavish home, phoned the police but unfortunately it was too late. Amy’s front door had been kicked in by the time they arrived, and it was obvious that recording equipment and guitars were missing. Is it possible that Paris Hilton’s on-the-loose thief bought a plane ticket, grabbed an accomplice, and headed to the UK?? (People)

Jessica Simpson3. Oh no, no, NO Jessica — leather pants? It was hard enough to peel one’s eyes away from the high-wasted “mom” jeans and leopard skin belt, but this is just going too far. (TMZ)

4. Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s brother, is writing an inspirational guide touching on his extraordinary family. He watched his sister – an exceptionally strong mother – and Barack, who “had something special from the beginning,” become the leaders of our country. An insider’s point of view on the First Family is always a must-read! (

5. Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller” is making its way to Broadway. The play will be based on the 14-minute music video and will also include songs from Jackson’s hit albums, such as Off the Wall. Jackson will even get a hand in the creative process. The real question is: Will he end up making an appearance? And perhaps more importantly, will he leave the PJs at home this time? (

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