Top 5 Picks: Kate Moss' Baby Bump

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Kate Moss' baby bump!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Kate Moss1. Baby bump alert! Supermodel Kate Moss is rumored to be expecting her second child, thanks to a royal blue catsuit that left little to the imagination. The 35-year-old recently stated that she has cut down on her smoking, and has eliminated alcohol altogether. And just to add more fuel to the gossip fire, in December Moss gave her nanny a hefty bonus and told her to “expect more work in the New Year.” No more late nights and a caretaker with a pay increase, talk about hint after hint. (Daily Mail)

2. If you’re a big Desperate Housewives fan, you may want to cover your eyes for this one … Nicollette Sheridan who plays Edie Britt on the naughty comedy-drama is officially saying goodbye to her loyal fan base. She did leave Wisteria lane last season, but it’s for reals this time. Curious how her character is killed off? Find out here! (

3. Scummy Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame pulled a totally non-PC maneuver last night at MyHouse nightclub. Get a load of this — he actually had the gonads to pretend to beat up a woman, saying he would go “Chris Brown” on her. Right, because it’s SO funny that Rihanna is stuck with swollen eyes, a cut lip, bruises and a bloody nose. (TMZ)

Mary-Kate Olsen4. From Full House to Crack House? The zanier of the Olsen twins (Mary-Kate, like we needed to remind you) is featured in the March issue of Interview Magazine looking a tad … dare we say … strung out. What exactly were they going for? Didn’t heroin chic go out with Courtney Love and flannel shirts? (Just Jared)

5. Isn’t having a ‘controlling’ personality sort of a coping mechanism when you’re constantly schlepping around six kids? Former journalist and current Variety editor Peter Bart claims that Angelina Jolie is not what she seems, and neither is Brad for that Matter:

“Sit with them in a social situation and they’re quietly reflective. But in her interviews, Jolie comes across as shrill and controlling; Pitt seems clueless.”

Umm … maybe it’s because they’re EXHAUSTED. (Celebitchy)

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