Top 5 Picks: Lindsay Lohan Hurls Vase through Window

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Lindsay Lohan hurls a vase through a window, Jessica Simpson's on-stage blunders, and more!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

-Carolyn French

1. The past week has not been very kind to Miss Lindsay Lohan. Reports of excessive alcohol binges first stirred the gossip pot, then came the $50,000 arrest warrant which was issued Friday night, and now her relationship with Samantha Ronson appears to be circling the drain. Anxious neighbors contacted the authorities on Saturday after LiLo chucked a vase through a window following a nasty quarrel with Sam. Think this was the result of an alcohol-induced rage? (Daily Mail)

Lindsay Lohan window which Lindsay Lohan broke

2. Rather than purchasing a nice little vegan-friendly bistro, Heather Mills opted to buy a fish restaurant … and then decided to omit the seafood from the menu. Loyal customers are not the only ones annoyed with the sudden alteration, as the staff has been laid off and will not be re-hired once the renovated restaurant is reopened. This woman honestly doesn’t possess one shred of decency!

3. Ah yes, we knew it wouldn’t take long for another Chicken of the Sea moment to creep up. Over the weekend Jessica Simpson made a few on-stage blunders during the last concert of her country-music tour. She jumbled the opening lyrics to “Still Don’t Stop Me,” and entirely forgot how “Remember That” went for a moment or two. Ironic much? (Omg!)

4. Bleck! After realizing that her music and reality television endeavors are going nowhere fast, Brooke Hogan has taken to the pole. On Sunday she paraded around in her tiniest outfit at the Calle Ocho carnival in Florida, where she gave both spectators and her father (yes he was there!) quite a show. What is wrong with this family?? (Gossip Girls)

Brooke Hogan

5. Gwyneth Paltrow has a piece of advice for her Two Lovers costar: Get some street cred! When asked what Joaquin Phoenix should do to boost his rap game, Gwennie suggested he “go live in the projects for a few years to get some authenticity, maybe.” Or he could simply rejoin the civilized world of acting. (

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