Top 5 Picks: Madonna's Dinner Date with Jesus Luz

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Madonna's "secret" dinner date with Jesus Luz!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

Madonna and Jesus Luz1. Though she hasn’t shouted it from the rooftops it’s plain as day that Madonna is having a grand old time with 22-year-old Jesus Luz. The two recently lent their talents – and rockin’ bods – to W magazine, and this week they dined at a new favorite haunt, Macelleria Italian steakhouse. Madge and her perfectly proportioned Brazilian model both arrived separately, and left separately. It’s adorable, but really, who do they think they’re fooling? (Daily Mail)

2. Joaquin Phoenix had a “cat got your tongue” moment during Thursday’s interview with David Letterman. The unpredictable actor answered questions in two and three-word sentences, and spent the majority of the appearance with his chin resting firmly on his chest. Either this is all part of Joaquin’s master plan to pull one over on us, or he genuinely has lost his marbles. (Daily Mail)

3. Now that Jessica Simpson finally feels comfortable in her own skin, she wants to help other curvy women feel the same. The self-confident singer is about to launch a fashion line that promises to eliminate any and all frumpiness:

“I want to create clothes that flatter every figure,” Jessica told In Style magazine: I know how a dress can make you feel so frumpy. I promise mine won’t. I know what flatters a woman, and trust me, I’ve been judged a lot in my life. By now I know what works if you’re curvy. If my clothing and accessories make you feel great and let you walk proud and tall – in big, big platform shoes – then I’m happy.”

Way to work with — and celebrate — what your mama gave ya! (Daily Mail)

4. Ohh burn! Golden Globe winner Mickey Rourke was previously linked to actress Evan Rachel Wood, and this past week it was rumored that he was getting down with Courtney Love, neither of which appear to be true. TMZ met Rourke in NYC yesterday evening, and quizzed him on the Courtney gossip. His reply? He would rather bed “a gorilla” than the erratic ex-druggie. We’re betting that Ms. Love is cooking up one heck of a comeback as we speak. (TMZ)

5. Anne Hathaway certainly is a busy little bee these days … the cutie patootie just finished her work on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and next on the performance-menu is the New York Public Theater’s rendition of Twelfth Night. The Oscar nominated starlet can be seen in the gender-bending play from June 9 through July 12. Hathaway has been cast in the role of Viola, a young lass who gets shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria and ends up falling for her boss after masquerading as a man. Don’t you hate when that happens? (E! Online)

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