Top 5 Picks: Madonna Tweets about Jesus

Top 5 Picks from Around the Web: Madonna confirms Jesus split, Paris Hilton's club brawl, and more!

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Top 5 Picks from Around the Web

-Carolyn French

Madonna and Jesus Luz1. Madonna is the latest A-Lister to catch the Twitter bug! The 50-year-old superstar has confirmed rumors of her split from hottie mc hot hot Jesus Luz by tweeting that she is ‘glad’ to be single again. With her newfound freedom Madge is flying to Malawi this weekend to work towards adopting a toddler … dropping one child in favor of another, eh? (Daily Mail)

2. Paris Hilton received the shock her life last night while partying at the LIV nightclub in Miami Beach. The heiress sauntered up to the DJ booth to request a tune, and was then shoved by a bodyguard who felt that Paris was a tad too close. Her beau Doug Reinhardt rushed to the scene, and got into a scrap with the burly minder. “I can’t believe someone would do this to us, it’s really scary” Hilton said of the incident. Aww she’s not use to being treated like a civilian! (

3. Yet another brawl broke out yesterday evening, this time it was Britney Spears’ peeps who were involved. Two of the singer’s roadies got totally plastered and decided to fight. Police were forced to taser the wild beasts – after being attacked themselves – and the men were hauled off to jail. Rockey Lee Dickey Jr. and Alex Montes have been set free, as they managed to scrape together $100,000 worth of bail money. Less than a month ago father Jamie Spears had to fire three of Brit’s dancers for suspected drug use. Eddie Cibrian and his wifeUmm … where exactly are they finding these people? (Celebitchy)

4. Who does he think he’s fooling? LeAnn Rimes’ alleged lover-on-the-side Eddie Cibrian played the part of happy go lucky hubby whilst strolling through Miami’s International Airport on Thursday. Sidebar: Doesn’t his wife kind of look like Lisa Kudrow? Eddie sure likes his blondes! (TMZ)

5. He won’t be a leading man for long with that attitude! We knew Twilight star Rob Pattinson was a little greasy, but geez. Crew members on the set of his current film New Moon are complaining that he utterly “reeks.” And in an interview for Extra Pattinson even admitted to his apparent cleanliness phobia:

“If you don’t care if your hair’s clean or not then why would you wash it? It’s like, I don’t clean my apartment ‘cause I don’t care. I have my apartment for sleeping in and I have my hair for just, you know, hanging out on my head. I don’t care if it’s clean or not.”

Yuck to the 10th power! (Hollyscoop)

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